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Realizing that Binge-Watching With Your Parents is Awful

I, like most college students, consider myself a champion binge-watcher.  Give me a netflix account, a computer, and some snacks, and I can be 6 episodes in before you even realize I started to watch a show.  In fact, there was an impressive time freshman year when, during the last week of classes, I somehow managed to finish all of my work while watching almost the entirety of the first season of Quantico.

So, this summer when my mom suggested that we watch Blue Bloods I was ready.  They are on season 7 now, so I figured we could be caught up by the time I went to school. Oh, how wrong I was.    

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*Actual picture of me when I figured out how slow this process would be*

What I didn’t take the time to think about was the fact that, unlike me, (remember, I am a champion binger), my mom had never binge-watched anything. So there I am, all set up on the couch to watch seven episodes in a row, when suddenly after one she is up and ready to go on with her day, doing laundry, reading a book, or taking the dog on a walk.  Meanwhile, I am sitting on the couch confused as to why we don’t look like this:


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And so it began. Some days we would watch more than one episode, and on those days my inner binger would be doing this:


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While other times it would be three or more days in between an episode, and instead my inner binger would look more like this:

Source: Giphy

So now, as summer winds down, I am sad to report that we have barely started season 4.  But, I will say this about the amount of time this has taken.  I have been able to really enjoy the series without rushing through it, something that is normally done.  And as much as I might complain about it, it has been really nice to be able to share this time with my mom. Let’s just hope that next summer she is a little more experienced in what binge-watching really means!


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