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In case you weren’t aware, on Friday, April 5th, 2024, Iowa versed UConn in the March Madness women’s national championship final four game. Let me first start by saying that this was an incredible game to watch. Both teams played their hearts out, wanting the win just as much as the other did. I think it’s important to highlight key players to understand the essential contributors of each team. For Iowa: Hannah Stuelke, Caitlin Clark, Kate Martin, Gabbie Marshall, and Sydney Affolter. UConn: Paige Bueckers, Aaliyah Edwards, KK Arnold, Nika Mühl, and Ice Brady. 

Caitlin Clark is insanely talented. In Iowa’s previous game against LSU, she had 41 points! Her shooting ability is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Just her range itself is astounding. However, in this game, she ended up with just 21 points. This is largely due to Nika Mühl’s incredible defense. Her aggressiveness while managing to stay out of foul trouble is unbelievable. It was easy to see how much she wanted the win for UConn. As a senior playing her last year at UConn, this was an even more emotional game for her and teammate Aaliyah Edwards. Edwards was able to make essential plays for UConn to rain over Iowa for most of the game. 

Paige Bueckers is another extremely talented player. I grew up watching her as a kid when I played basketball, so it was amazing to see her play in the final four. Bueckers has movement unlike any other player in this tournament. The way she plays reminds me of men’s basketball. She has the skills and movements that set her apart from any other player on the court. Another important player to mention is KK Arnold, a freshman! Her confidence on the court is riveting as she drives to the basket with so much power. Ice Brady is another freshman who made a major impact during this game.

For Iowa, Hannah Stuelke grew so much during this game. The confidence and skill she showed playing alongside Caitlin Clark proved just how much she’s grown since last season. With the most points out of any player in this game, she was able to display both her power and her shooting ability. Kate Martin, a senior alongside Clark, showed just how much she wanted this win through her tough leadership. Other important contributors to this game were Gabbie Marshall and Sydney Affolter, who played incredible defense the entire game.

It’s also important to mention the coaching of each team. UConn is led by Geno Auriemma, while Iowa is led by Lisa Bluder. I personally think Geno is an extraordinary coach. The way he can orchestrate plays in a matter of seconds is unlike anything I’ve seen. He has led his team to win 11 national championships in the years he’s worked at UConn, with an additional 22 final 4 appearances. Bluder has also brought incredible coaching to Iowa, as they’ve had 17 national championship appearances since her arrival. 

Again, this was a remarkable game to watch. However, most people are talking about the final offensive foul called on Edwards that practically solidified the win for Iowa with less than 2 seconds left. I personally think this wasn’t a good call to make in such an important game. To me, it felt like there wasn’t really enough to call this detrimental foul that would end the game. In the end, Iowa won 71-69 and will continue into the championship game against South Carolina. This was a game that will transform both women’s collegiate basketball as well as the WNBA. These players have inspired women from around the world and have truly shown what it’s like to be a part of a team like theirs. They will continue to inspire kids around the world to play the sport they love.

Morgan Nieman

Gettysburg '27

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