My Favorite Insta Accounts For When I'm Stressed

This finals season, take a break and scroll through my favorite Instagram accounts!

  1. 1. Teddy and Albi

    @teddyandalbi is an adorable account dedicated to the kitty, Teddy, and his snuggle buddy, Albi. They are so cute and you won't be able to stop sending your friends videos of them.

  2. 2. Sarah's Comic Life

    @sarahscomiclife is an account devoted to comics drawn by a nursing student named Sarah. Each comic is relatable, cute, and usually very funny. I highly recommend clearing out an hour to scroll through this account.

  3. 3. Effin' Birds

    @effinbirds is an amazing account devoted to birds with very dirty mouths. The detailed drawlings partnered with creative insults will have you wanting to send them to both your friends and your enemies. 

  4. 4. Emily's Cartoons

    @emilyscartoons is most famous for her collection of "My Life as a Background Slytherin" comics, but she has also been uploading comics from her new comic book, Bloodlust and Bonnets. Her style is super unique and every comic is genuinely enjoyable.

  5. 5. Lang Leav

    @langleav is the official Insta of the novelist and poet, Lang Leav. She posts a lot of bookworm/cozy images along with some of her poems. I highly reccomend anyone interested in reading to follow her account!

Have a good finals season everyone! Don't forget to relax a bit!