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Moving Into School Early According to Friends

Participating on campus is great. Sports, clubs, associations; all great ways to make new friends and get involved. But sometimes, participating in something means moving into school early. And for some people (like me this year) that means moving in before any of your friends. Here is what it was like.

You have so much room for move-in. You can leave your stuff all over the apartment as you’re unpacking without being in anyone’s way.

You can take AS LONG AS YOU WANT in the shower.

You have the place to yourself, so you can do what you want (even if that means walking around naked).

No one is there to judge you for whatever you’re doing.

But soon, you start to wish someone was there to do something with you.

You’ll realize you only brought about 75% of the stuff you need because you were counting on everyone else to bring the rest.

The apartment will be really echoey without all of the furniture and the rug.

It’s just too quiet without anyone around.


Needless to say, I am quite happy that all of my roommates have now moved in.

English Education major at Gettysburg College. My friends hate me for correcting their grammar, but I know they secretly appreciate it.
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