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L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Hydrating Self-Tanning Milk Review

As soon as I agreed to review this product and test the bronzing milk on my skin, I knew I would regret my decision. After battling with self-tanning lotions in past, in particular, the night before my high school graduation, I was extremely skeptical of this product and the “bronzed glow” it claimed to create. I decided to use the product on my inner arm, forgetting to consider how customers at my job would react to this strange patch of fake tanned skin. As I began rubbing the bronzing milk onto a portion of my skin I noticed how the once white cream dried clear, as any other decent lotion should. There was no immediate difference, just a patch of better-moisturized skin.

The patch of skin, at first, remained the same shade as the rest of my skin. I did notice how my skin was softer, yet extremely greasy on the application site. While it did not dry into my skin as well as I would have preferred, it did smell nice for being a self-tanner.

The next morning I woke up to find my skin a completely different shade than what I was hoping. Despite the product’s claim of creating a gradual tan, the patch where I applied the bronzer was vibrantly orange and hilarious looking. It was not natural and resembled the color of a dark-hued band-aid that would never quite match the actual color of a person’s skin. I was devastated, but grateful that the coloring was restricted to a patch on my arm rather than on the rest of my body. This dramatic change in the shade was not only extremely noticeable in one night but it was enough to make my attempt at a “natural look” seem more like a successful cosplay for Donald Trump.

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Overall, I was disappointed once again by a self-tanner. The moisturizing element was mediocre in that it was more greasy than it should have been and it took longer than necessary to dry into the skin properly. I do not see myself using this product again and I hope this awkward patch of orange with wash off as soon as possible. 


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Emma Poff

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Emma is a first-year student double majoring in History and Public Policy. She has a slight obsession with iced coffee and enjoys making playlists and character boards for fanfictions she hopes to finish writing one day.
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