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How to Spend Galentine’s Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Gettysburg chapter.

Valentine’s Day is in two days, but tomorrow is the unofficial holiday called ‘Galentine’s Day!’ This day is dedicated to celebrating the women in your life, but I also see it as the perfect excuse to get your friends together and try something you haven’t considered doing together before. Not sure how to spend it? Not sure if you’re doing anything at all? Either way, below are some ways to celebrate the underrated day.

have a Spa day

If anything at all, everyone deserves to treat themselves to a little self-love on the holiday that’s dedicated to love. Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what “treating” oneself would entail, but it’s honestly up to interpretation and preference. Whether solo or with your closest friends, these are a few simple self-spa day ideas to consider! Paint your own or each other’s nails, get some face and hair masks, and put on your favorite relaxing Spotify playlist. Maybe even light some scented candles too!

movie marathon
Mean Girls phone scene
Lorne Michaels Productions

What would Galentine’s Day even be without a classic chick-flick? Browse the rom-com section on any streaming service and you’re sure to find at least a couple of the most loved films of our generation. Who’s ever gone wrong with a little Mamma Mia!, Mean Girls, Clueless, or The Notebook? Grab some comfy clothes or matching PJ’s, make some popcorn, grab your favorite snacks, and soak in the special night with your best friends. I would even pair a rom-com marathon with the next item on this list – a game night!

Game night

A game night is one of the cheaper ways you and the girls can spend quality time together. Personally, my friends and I have created long-lasting memories and endless inside jokes that we look back on frequently while playing some of our favorites!

Forgive me, but I have to plug one of the best.

themed charcuterie boards

I’ve grown obsessed with this idea ever since seeing the TikTok trends with themed charcuterie board parties! This is a fun idea to split snack costs among your girls, and splitting separate themed boards between one another adds an element of surprise with a ton of variety. I’ve seen nacho cheese boards, dessert boards, traditional cheese boards, sushi boards, fondue boards, fruits and veggies, and so much more. It would definitely be possible to combine a charcuterie board night with your movie marathon or spa day too!

Paint & Card-making

Growing up, my favorite part about Valentine’s Day was picking out which cards and candy I wanted to give to my classmates. Why not continue this heartfelt memory with your friends? Your mom would appreciate a homemade card, your younger sibling would feel appreciated, and your long-distance S.O. would be more than happy that you put creative effort into a card for them. I’m honestly obsessed with Hallmark cards, so I never really sat down and made homemade holiday cards for my loved ones. Another idea may include a Valentines-themed paint competition or a Bob Ross sesh! I find that making art is an amazing decompressor if you have a creative side.

Her Campus at Gettysburg actually hosted a Valentines Writing event!

power point night

I have wanted to do one of these for so long, and Galentine’s Day would be the perfect excuse! A few ideas could include ranking rom-coms from best to worst, ranking iconic characters like Regina George and Cher Horowitz, or even something as obscure as your best friends’ boyfriend starter packs. A power point night allows room for creativity, and there are so many different routes to take with this one.


Whether you’re with a group of your galentines or treating yourself at home, takeout from your favorite local restaurant or pizzeria is an instant mood-lifter. Your favorite foods are nutrients to your mental health, so make sure to treat yourself to some of your favorite foods on one of the days dedicated to loving and appreciating yourself and those around you!

Angelina Stambouli

Gettysburg '26

Angelina is a first-year at Gettysburg College. Outside of Her Campus, she is also a staff writer for the Gettysburgian Newspaper and serves as Diversity & Inclusion Liaison for College Dems. In her free time, she enjoys retail therapy and petting anyone's and everyone's dog (or cat).