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This time of year, I feel like doing absolutely nothing. Pushing myself too hard starts to catch up with me, and we’re just far enough away from the next break that I have no motivation. This is what I do to heal:


When I start to feel like doing nothing, I know that my brain needs to take a break. For me, this means allowing one day where I do nothing school-related and just lay in my bed alone with a favorite TV show.


Feeling unmotivated usually means I haven’t focused enough on myself. I like to do a facemask, take a hot shower, make some tea, and remind myself that where I am right now is ok.


At the mid-point of the semester, I usually start to see bigger assignments catching up with me. Instead of thinking, “Crap, the first draft of my capstone is due in three weeks,” I break my big assignments down into smaller, more manageable chunks. Maybe tomorrow I’ll read two sources and plan to draft my outline at the end of the week. This makes my to-do list seem much more attainable.


Even though the weather is still nice, I find myself justifying more time spent inside. Right now is the perfect time to go for that battlefield walk or just take a longer route to class. Sometimes being outside is just what you need.

Slow down and be gentle with yourself. Sometimes inaction is just what you need.

Grace Gallagher

Gettysburg '22

Grace is a senior double-majoring in History and Political Science with a minor in Middle East and Islamic Studies at Gettysburg College. She is involved in the Gettysburg College Historical Society, Alpha Phi Omega, and is the senior editor for the Gettysburg chapter of HerCampus. She loves coffee and dogs more than anything.
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