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How to Procrastinate for Finals

Step 1: Check all social media sources.

Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr, YikYak: however you check what everyone around you is up to, do it. Chances are, they’re doing something more interesting than your textbook.

Step 2: Use other “work” to avoid your real work.

This can be doing laundry, washing dishes, writing an article for Her Campus; all things that need to be done that are slightly more fun/slightly less painful than studying.

Step 3: Get Food.

Food is an essential. You can obviously justify leaving your notes behind and going to grab some food. For two hours.

Step 4: Re-check all Social media.Clearly, a lot has happened since the last time you checked. You need an update.

Step 5: Complain to your friends about how much work you have.

Groaning over that mountain of homework is much better than actually diving into it.

Step 6: Cry over your workload.

Complaining to your friends made you realize how much you actually have to do, and how much time you have so far wasted.

Step 7: Get some air.

Step outside. Walk through the town. Anything. After all those emotions you just experienced, you just really need to clear your head with some fresh air.

Step 8: Check social media again.

You can’t get behind on this stuff.

Step 9: Binge-watch a tv show that you had zero interest in until now.

Suddenly, those random tv shows in the corners of Netflix look a lot more appealing.

Step 10: Read Her Campus articles.


Step 11: Repeat process until forced to finally complete work in a hurricane of stress and tears.

*To avoid said hurricane of stress and tears, try starting your work in advance and avoiding steps 1 through 9. But keep step 10. You always have time for step 10.

English Education major at Gettysburg College. My friends hate me for correcting their grammar, but I know they secretly appreciate it.
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