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How to Meet New People at Gettysburg College

1.  Join a club

Her Campus, perhaps? :) 

The tour guides don’t lie: if you have an interest, Gettysburg probably has a club for that. Have a hobby that isn’t featured?  Start a club of your own!  

2.  Get to class early

I know, extra time in class doesn’t appear to be the key to an active social life.  But, the first group of students in class rarely have much to do but chat.  Someone’s bound to ask about your weekend or the assignment that’s due today.  You can almost always bond over the reading. Use this to your advantage!  

3.  Go to events

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) has seriously amazing events, not to mention the countless others held by groups across campus!  Check out flyers around the CUB, library, and other buildings or check out the digest for what’s coming up.  

4.  Hang out in the common room

You don’t need to have a group of cohorts to do your homework in the common room.  Plus, it’s a great way to meet the other students who live in your building!  Even if you don’t become best friends, you’re bound to feel more social when Mark from the 4th floor says hi to you walking to class.  

5.  Just say hi!  

I can’t speak for everyone on campus, but 99.9% of us won’t bite. Say hi to the girl who sits next to you in Bio or the guy in line behind you at the Dive.  What’s the absolute worst that can happen?  

Do you have the BEST story of meeting someone on campus?  Tell us in the comments for the chance to be featured in an upcoming profile!  

*All photos by author

Juliette Sebock, Founder: Jules founded the Gettysburg College chapter of Her Campus in Fall 2015 and served as Campus Correspondent until graduating in Spring 2018. Juliette graduated from Gettysburg College in 2018 with an English major and History/Civil War Era Studies/Public History triple minors. In addition to HC, she was a member of the Spring 2017 class of Advanced Studies in England and of various organizations including Eta Sigma Phi, Dance Ensemble, and Poetry Circle. She has published a poetry chapbook titled Mistakes Were Made, available on Amazon and Goodreads, and she has poems forthcoming in several literary magazines. She is also the editor-in-chief of Nightingale & Sparrow Magazine and runs the lifestyle blog, For the Sake of Good Taste. For more information, visit https://juliettesebock.com.
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