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The Greatest Organizational Tool

Let’s admit it. One of the hardest things about college – and life in general – is finding a way to stay organized. With trying to balance classes and jobs and clubs and every other activity that seems to pop up out of nowhere, if you’re not on top of things, it’s not uncommon for events to perform a little jump scare and throw you off your game. Obviously, this sucks. Luckily, there is one tool that can combat all of this.


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Calendars are your friend, your mentor, your lover, and your savior all wrapped up into one handy bundle. Now, you may be thinking, “Well, I already have a calendar, and it’s not THAT useful.” That’s because calendars themselves aren’t the key. If you have one calendar then that’s great! But you need more.

You need multiple calendars.

Keep a small, portable calendar in your bag with nothing but due dates of assignments. This allows you check off assignments as they’re due and see ahead to what needs to be done next. For extra protection against surprise assignments, try writing down every assignment on the day before it’s due. Then you know that you always at least a day to get it done.

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Keep a calendar on your wall as well. This one should be filled with all of your events. Meeting with your advisor? Put it on the calendar. Activity fair? Put it on the calendar. Mom’s birthday? Put it on the calendar. You can check this every morning for a quick overview of what’s happening that day.

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Keep a calendar on your phone too. This is the last and most important calendar. Now, chances are that you already have a calendar on your phone. Use it! Fill it with your day to day schedule. Enter your class schedule as well as any clubs or meeting or important events. The wonderful thing about this calendar is when you’re on the go and need to know what you’re doing next, it’s right there. If something changes, like a class gets canceled, for example, you can delete it right then and there. With most phone calendars, you can even enter extra information such as the location or an alarm to remind you of the event. These features will seriously save your skin if there’s something you absolutely can’t be late for.

Three calendars does seem a bit excessive, but, trust me, it works.

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