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-The book you reserved from the library of at the beginning of the semester is still not available.

-Your professor has been lecturing for 45 minutes. No one has written a single note.

-You go to your professor’s office hours to ask for help. You knock periodically on the closed door and receive no response. At end of the hour, your professor walks out of the office.

– you were stuck in one classroom for two and half hours. You can’t find your umbrella to protect you from the rain even though you were prepared this morning.

-The writing center is open from 3-4AM every other Tuesday and Saturday night.

Zoe Philippou

Gettysburg '20

(she/her) From Arizona, Zoe is officially a Psychology and Anthropology double major, a German minor, and an unofficial a Theater inhabitor. She loves all thing having to do with culture or really just people in general. She's also a huge nerd who loves crafts.
Rebekah Grimes

Gettysburg '20

Originally from Southern California, Rebekah is a senior History major and Classics minor (And former Co-Campus Correspondent) at Gettysburg College. She loves the theater, electroswing, unique teas, the Fallout franchise, red lipstick, DMing Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, experimenting in the kitchen, her partner, and is working on her first novel. She has interned at Gettysburg National Military Park and at the Seminary Ridge Museum as a Brian C. Pohanka Fellow. She is also a Ravenclaw! You can check out her chapter's profile on her here!
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