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Full disclaimer, I am not a huge hot sauce fan… But Frank’s Red Hot is completely worth the spice and heat in my otherwise boring meals. I used this convenient to-go package of hot sauce and was pleasantly surprised at how it enhanced my meal by adding hints of smokiness and tanginess. Also, my hot sauce package came in a cute Frank’s Red Hot pouch branded with the quote: “I put Hot Sauce in my bag.” After experiencing this meal, now I think I certainly will start to put hot sauce in my bag more often.

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This pouch included two packets of Frank’s Red Hot and a packet of Old Bay spices to add even more heat to my meals on the go. I enjoyed this classic hot sauce with bread to maximize the flavor, but could also imagine Frank’s Red Hot perfectly complementing mac ‘n’ cheese or other creamy delicacies to neutralize the heat and enhance the mouth-watering smokiness.  

I definitely recommend Frank’s Red Hot, in a cute, small serving size like I used, or in any amount, to even those who are not fans of hot sauce. This packet, and the pouch as well, are the perfect addition to your bag so you are always able to enhance any meal with spicy goodness.

Phoebe Doscher

Gettysburg '22

Phoebe is a freshman at Gettysburg College originally from Sandy Hook, CT. She enjoys writing, musical theatre, and the color pink.
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