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Five Indie/Folk Artists You Need to Start Listening To

Lord Huron

Lord Huron released their first album in 2012 and have been a notable name within the indie/rock community since. Their most well known song is probably “The Night We Met” but that certainly isn’t their only good one! Two other songs to check out would be “Ends of the Earth” and “Meet Me in the Woods”.


Dodie got her start on YouTube in the late 2000s. Dodie came out as bisexual in 2016 and hasn’t been afraid to let that aspect of her identity appear in her music. Some songs to check out include “She” and “Would You Be So Kind.”

Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes has been a band since 2006 and if you say you don’t know their music, you’re probably wrong. Their song “White Winter Hymnal” has been covered by several groups including Pentatonix. Other popular songs include “Mykonos” and “Sunblind.”

The oh hellos

The Oh Hellos had a song go viral on TikTok not long ago, but they have so many other great songs that deserve popularity as well. They are a brother-sister group that have some really powerful lyrics. My personal favorites include “Dear Wormwood” and “Hello My Old Heart.”

The paper kites

The Paper Kites are an Australian group that began releasing music in 2010 but their most recent album was released earlier this year. Like all the other bands on this list, they’ve got a lot of great music, but my favorite is “Woodland.”

Adrienne Poissant

Gettysburg '22

Adrienne is a senior at Gettysburg College studying political science and religious studies. Besides being a Campus Correspondent, she is involved in the wind symphony, Model United Nations, and enjoys reading and writing for fun!
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