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Best Places to Eat in Gettsyburg

Finals are here and we’ve spent all semester eating at Bullet or Servo. Don’t get me wrong, we are lucky to have such great dining facilities and wonderful employees that keep us fed, but it can get tiring to eat the same thing every day for 16 weeks. Finals are a busy time and what better way to take a study break than to mix up your eating routine and spend time with friends than to explore the great restaurants we have in Gettysburg!

The Pub

If you go to Gettysburg College, chances are you’ve gone to The Pub to celebrate a good grade, a new job, family weekend, or anything in between. They have a wide array of options and are particularly good at cooking some good comfort food. I mean, spaghetti grilled cheese anyone?!

Lincoln Diner

Hungry for a piece of cake or a milkshake at 2 a.m.? The Lincoln Diner (affectionately know as LD’s) is the place to be! The staff are super friendly and their desert case inside the door is mouthwatering. A great place to take a study break with friends at any hour of the day (or night).

Food 101

This quaint restaurant has delicious locally-sourced meals! Definitely accommodating to dietary restrictions!

Gettysburg Baking Co.

Fun seasonal coffee and delicious pastries! Apple hand pie?? TO DIE FOR!

One Lincoln

Attached to the Gettysburg Hotel, One Lincoln has really fun breakfast foods, specifically french toast and pancakes!

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