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An American Abroad: Simply Geeky

Honestly, this past week I have not done anything terribly interesting. I know, that’s a great way to start my article. But, really, I think that doing nothing extravagant in the past week has been pretty good with me. I haven’t been running around to different parts of Europe trying to visit everything I can possibly lay my eyes on. I’m just living a life that is honestly not that far off from my life in the Burg. Minus the whole battlefield thing, I guess (there are still loads of tourists, so it is still similar). I still spend my days drinking a lot of coffee. Most of my friends can attest to my love and possible obsession of coffee. I have been known to order and drink one of those BIG mugs from the Ugly Mug before they even brought us our food. So, you can only imagine what’s going on over here.

I have been on a hunt for the best bread. I have eaten an entire baguette in one sitting (I will not release the number of such acts). A friend looked generally surprised and slightly concerned with the fact that there was hardly any bread left in such a short span. I replied to her by saying… “Why do you underestimate my powers?” I have absolutely no shame for eating a copious amount of bread, plus I walk a ridiculous amount here, it all balances out as far as I am concerned.

I visited a few museums nearby, both of which had pieces of art I only read about in books. In one of the museums, I saw a Cimabue, Rembrandt, and Reuben’s all within minutes of each other. I am positive they were not final versions of paintings, but still. I thought I was going to pass out. Let me take it back a few notches and explain something. For all you obviously cooler people than me who do not geek out to the extreme about a few guys that existed a few hundred years ago. I will put it in context, it’s like seeing Adele, Beyoncé, and Taylor Swift all at the same time. Now, you can see why I was beyond excited and slightly lightheaded. I felt like I was walking on a cloud. The best part is the one museum is having a JMW Turner exhibit in May. Let me tell you, I might as well be camping outside of the museum like it’s a Justin Bieber concert. At this time my friends at Gettysburg would most likely be picking their eyeballs off the floor because they rolled too much, be begging for me to stop, and praying I would not bring up anything that has to do with columns. Somewhere, my mom is probably wondering how I turned out like this. It’s okay, I have accepted my art history geekiness. I did get a chance to buy an art history card game. Honestly, I did not think anyone would give the light of day to make a game out of art history facts, but you learn something new all the time. So, coming to a campus near you…a card game with historical artists. I foresee myself having to beg my friends play this (possibly ridiculous) game. Most parents and friends usually worry about the safety of their children and peers while they go abroad. This is true within my circle of family and friends, I have also just added being a totally embarrassing geek to that list. It’s alright, though, I’m an art history major. I have an excuse (or, at least, I like to think I do).

Ps. There are not a lot of columns here…

Erica M. Schaumberg is an Art History major and Studio Art minor from Gettysburg College class of 2018. You can normally find Erica biking around the battle field with her camera, practicing some pirouettes, and spending a lot of time in Schmucker, when she is not studying in her secret spot with a cup of coffee.
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