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8 Relationships You’ll See In College, As Told By Friends

The core group of Friends had some questionable relationships over the show’s ten seasons.  Some we idolise, others we avoid at all costs.  Despite their being a bit older than the average college student, the similarities between their relationships and our own are uncanny! 

1.  The friend

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You’re just friends, right?  Totally just friends….Until, suddenly, you’re not.  

Friends examples: Joey and Rachel, Monica and Chandler, Ross and Rachel

2.  The much older one

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They have their own place and live by their own rules.  You make them feel young, they make you feel older.  After all, you’ve always been more mature than your peers.  

Friends examples:  Rachel and Paul, Monica and Richard

3.  The much younger one

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Grad school applications making you feel ancient?  Suddenly that plucky first year seems like a good choice of date for Friday night….

Friends examples:  Ross and Elizabeth, Rachel and Tag

4. The foreigner

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They have an accent.  You might not be able to list many more things you like about them, 

Friends examples:  Rachel and Paulo, Ross and Emily

5.  The academic

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You like this person, but you don’t always quite understand what they’re saying.  There’s also a significant chance that their work is their first love, not you.  

Friends examples:  Phoebe and David, Ross and Charlie, Joey and Charlie

6.  “Wait, why am I with this person again?”

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Cheater, annoying, or downright forgettable, some relationships you regret before you even get out of them. 

Friends examples:  Chandler and Janice, Rachel and Barry, Ross and Mona

7.  The nonexistent relationship  

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Sometimes you’re reeeally single.  And that’s not a bad thing!  

Friends examples:  Too many to list!

8.  The end game

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But none of the others matter when you’ve met your lobster. 

Friends examples:  Phoebe and Mike, Monica and Chandler, Ross and Rachel


Juliette Sebock, Founder: Jules founded the Gettysburg College chapter of Her Campus in Fall 2015 and served as Campus Correspondent until graduating in Spring 2018. Juliette graduated from Gettysburg College in 2018 with an English major and History/Civil War Era Studies/Public History triple minors. In addition to HC, she was a member of the Spring 2017 class of Advanced Studies in England and of various organizations including Eta Sigma Phi, Dance Ensemble, and Poetry Circle. She has published a poetry chapbook titled Mistakes Were Made, available on Amazon and Goodreads, and she has poems forthcoming in several literary magazines. She is also the editor-in-chief of Nightingale & Sparrow Magazine and runs the lifestyle blog, For the Sake of Good Taste. For more information, visit https://juliettesebock.com.
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