7 Foods to Always Keep in Your Dorm Room

1.  Granola/Protein Bars

You never know when you are going to wake up late for class and need to grab something to eat as you run to class.  Bars are great for this, or for any other time you need to eat on the go.

2. Nuts

We have all been there, you are working on a project until the last minute, or you need to skip a meal in order to hand something in on time.  Nuts are a great source of protein that will keep you full during times like that.

3. Fruit/Veggies

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It is super easy to load up on desserts and other processed food for your dorm room.  Try to keep some healthy options there too, so that at night you can be snacking on some carrots instead of chips!

4. Water

While I am a huge supporter of reusable water bottles, there are some times when they just don’t come in handy.  Especially if you are sick.  Keep some plastic water bottles around for times when you don’t want to worry about keeping an eye on your water, or getting germs into your bottle.

5. Saltines

Not only are these great if you are sick, but put some peanut butter on them and you have a delicious and healthy-ish snack that will hold you over.

6. Soup

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You never know when the plague/flu/pneumonia is going to hit.  Keep some soup ready for those days that you feel too awful to even think about going to servo.

7. Some chocolate.

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While I support eating healthy, sometimes you just really really need a piece of chocolate.  Keep a stash around for those days.


What foods do you always keep in your dorm?