5 Reasons to Love Cornelia Funke

If you think the name Cornelia Funke sounds familiar but you can't quite pinpoint who she is, you may remember her book, Inkheart, later adapted into a film, better. This international bestseller has entranced millions of readers, but chance are that most people may have been getting too lost in the book to discover how awesome she actually is.

  1. 1. She is an amazing author.

    Whether from the book or the movie, chances are pretty high that you've heard of her work. This trilogy was famous internationally for its entrancing writing and compelling characters. More recently, though, she has also collaborated with Guillermo del Toro to create the book adaptation of Pan's Labyrinth. 

    One of the reasons her work is so relatable and different from other authors is because she doesn't shy away from the dark moments in life. She shows suffering and death and how people can survive despite all the horrible stuff life can throw at you.

  2. 2. She writes in English and German.

    Despite her fame, the fact that Funke is German is not all that well known. In fact, a majority of her books were published in German before being translated into English. But that doesn't stop her from writing in English as well as her mother tongue. In fact, she even publishes some short stories for free online and interacts with her fanbase in both languages. Even more iimpressive, Funke works closely with the translators to make sure that her work keeps the same meaning in the various translations and fights for her work to remain whole instead of censoring scenes that some may consider inappropriate.

  3. 3. She's an amazing artist!

    One of the most frustrating things when you get engrossed in a book is being unsure if the characters coming to life before you are the same ones that the author intended. This isn't a problem with Funke becuase she scatters her books with intricate, small drawings that help the characters and creatures come to life. You can even explore more of her art by taking a peak at the drawings and notes that she made in notebooks while planning out her stories.

  4. 4. She puts a ton of effort into making her books accessible.

    Some authors may publish their books then leave that at that. Not Funke. She's worked hard to get her books adapted into audio format for easier access, even going so far as to voice a good number of the characters herself. She also has an amazingly interactive website and has created an entire app for people to use to explore some of the worlds she created. 

    Additionally, Funke has created an entire publishing company called Breathing Books to help independent creators share their work without having to rely on a large company. She has also created the charity organization Rim of Heaven to use her influence and earnings from her books to bring assistance to various topics such as environmental and social issues.

  5. 5. She doesn't let go of the joy of exploring even as an adult.

    Oftentimes, adult creators tend to be pretty serious or try to keep up a professional attitude. However, Funke's is open about her interest in nature, exploring, and the small things in life that would fascinate us as children. It's always nice to see someone who has been successful, continues to work, has experienced hardship, and is still able to connect with and enjoy those simpler beauties of life.

Cornelia Funke is an amazing woman who has touched millions of people with her writing. Yet, she has done so much more than that. Funke is an example of someone who hasn't killed the child in her heart, but continues to live her life with all the joy and excitement that children bring. Reading her books as a child was a wonderful experience, but knowing more about her and reading them again now feels like a solace from the world. A reminder from her that even the dark times are survivable. That even as responsibilities pile up you don't have to give up on finding the joy in life.