27 Signs You're From Northeastern Pennsylvania

1.  You can pronounce words like "Schuylkill," "Bryn Mawr," "Wilkes-Barre," and "Lititz" properly 

2.  You've eaten Dutch food that outsiders are completely unaware of

3.  You've rooted for Penn State, the Phillies, the Pirates, the Penguins, the Eagles, and/or the Steelers at some point in your life (and had some choice words for those supporting "the other team")

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4.  Your first drink was a Yuengling

5. You have strong opinions on pot pie

6.  You've visited the Hershey or Crayola factories

7.  You have seen more Confederate flags flying behind pickup trucks than any Northern state should be able to rationalise

8.  You understand the magic that is Knoebel's

9.  You know when hunting season begins, if only because half of your high school class missed school

10.  You've driven behind a horse and buggy

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11.  You've been to a county fair

12.  You refer to the state as "PA" more often than not

13. You complain about the potholes

14.  You've eaten scrapple

15.  You like either Sheetz or Wawa, never both

16.  You know your favourite snack food is made locally

17.  You've seen large lumps of coal with no real explanation and didn't bat an eye

18.  You've been to an event in a fire hall

19.  You recognise the places talked about in The Office 

20.  You've been stuck behind a tractor on a main road

21.  You have to base any description of your home town based on its distance from Philly or Pittsburgh

22.  You've seen (or contributed to) Graffiti Highway

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23.  Hex signs along the side of the road are normal to you

24.  You felt a kinship with the citizens of Rosewood while watching Pretty Little Liars 

25.  You base your expectations for spring on a groundhog

26.  You know what dippy eggs and summer sausage are

27.  You've been to Hershey and Dorney parks for field trips or weekend excursions