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10 Songs to Listen to This Month

1.  River Man by Nick Drake

Perfect for those more mellow moments, Nick Drake’s smooth voice is relaxing and full of emotions.  “River Man” is the song I’d pick for the end-of-September rainy afternoons that are just starting to get chilly

2.  Under the Sea by The Lost Bros

A cover of a Disney classic, how can you go wrong? The Lost Bros are the founders/creators of KingdomChella, the Disney version of Coachella, which took place for the first time ever earlier this month! They make a variety of Disney merchandise (not affiliated with Walt Disney World) and now their own music. 

3.  Legendary by Welshly Arms

Image via:  Amazon

Honest lyrics and crisp, hard hitting notes will remind you that we’re going to be legendary.  Welshly Arms has crafted a song that’s motivational and suitable for various activities whether it’s a workout, writing papers, a team’s theme song, and more.

4.  Love So Soft by Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson recently released two new singles, one of which is “Love So Soft.”  The chorus is catchy and sure to be stuck in your head after listening to it. It’s a good balance between romantic and upbeat. 

5.  Daydreamin by Jonathan Tilkin

Image via:  Jonathan Tilkin

Know when you “can’t stop thinking ’bout your lovin” and it’s “got [you] going crazy” and “feelin higher than the heavens”? Yeah, so does Jonathan Tilkin.  In this debut single, “Daydreamin” captures all those feelings you get when you have a new crush and are daydreamin’ during class.

6.  Rolling in the Deep by Cinematic Pop

This cover of Adele’s hit song is sung with a movie score style.  It’s full of drama, heart, and cinematic instrumentals.  There’s just nothing like the bellowing notes of a movie score!

 7.  I Will by Citizen Way

Citizen Way is a Christian rock band, and while “I Will” seems Christian if you think about it, it’s a relatable song perfect for anyone going through a challenging time who needs some support.  

8.  Loved You First by Jez Dior

This contemporary hip hop song is truthful and repeatedly reminds you that “I loved you first.”  It’s just an overall catchy song!

9.  Too Good at Goodbyes by Sam Smith

If you’re not in the mood for an upbeat and happier song, Sam Smith has you covered.  His vulnerability, “never gonna get too close to you even when I mean I mean the most to you in case you go and leave me in the dark” is a sentiment I think many people can relate to. This new release is sure to become as popular as his other hits.

10.  I’ll Find You by Lecrae and Tori Kelly

Image via:  Reach Records

This Christian-influenced hip hop song, featuring singer Tori Kelly, is the song for anyone who is feeling lost.  Listen to it if you’re the one hoping to be found or it send to someone who has a made a difference in finding you, either way, it’s an impactful song.

Darby is a Gettysburg College class of 2020 student who is majoring in psychology and studio art, minoring in neuroscience, and doing a pre-med track.  She enjoys anything related to Disney, shopping, reading, Navy football, art, and music, as well as spending time with her family, friends, and church community. 
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