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Gettysburg College\'s Commons Marketplace Sign
Gettysburg College\'s Commons Marketplace Sign
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10 Random Food-Related Things I Enjoy at College

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Gettysburg chapter.

This article is about unique food combinations that I and others have found at Gettysburg College, along with other random food-related things I like. This list is in no particular order, and I definitely recommend all of these!

Blue and yellow powerade mix at bullet

People often like to mix the Lemon-Lime and Mountain Berry Blast Powerade from the dispensers at the Bullet Hole, and I think it’s absolutely delicious. I’ve found that mixing a rough 60/40 ratio of yellow to blue (respectively) creates a mixture that tastes just like Mountain Dew’s Baja Blast! I don’t know who first thought to mix these flavors, but thanks to whoever it was!

Dining dollars at commons

All students are given a certain amount of dining dollars per semester, depending on your meal plan. One of the locations we can use our dining dollars is at the Commons Market on campus, which is like a mini coffee shop that uses Starbucks products. Personally, I LOVE a nice warm brown sugar latte on a cool fall morning, so being able to use dining dollars at Commons is very convenient. Plus, it feels like it’s a free latte, since it is prepaid with my meal plan!

Animal crackers with nutella at servo

Sometimes the dining hall (Servo) puts out animal crackers as a snack for lunch and dinner, and Nutella is always available for use. One day I decided to combine the two, and it was amazing! This is just another random snack combo that I enjoy.

Garlic butter crust at bullet

When getting a pizza from the Pi section of the Bullet Hole, you have the option to get garlic butter spread on the crust. I’ve always thought of this as a delicacy at Dominos, and now I always have it as an option on campus! The garlic butter adds a nice little touch at the end of every slice.

Acai bowls in the jaeger center

The school recently replaced The Dive (a smoothie place) with the Gettysburg Smoothie Co. TBH, at first, I wasn’t too happy with this, but the Smoothie Co. now offers smoothie bowls that were not at The Dive. I’ve come to love the acai bowls! I’ve always enjoyed a refreshing smoothie bowl, and it’s great that I can get one whenever now (and using a meal swipe). The bowls are absolutely delicious!

soda machines in servo

Servo has the digital Coca-Cola machines for us to use, and I think they are so fun! The machines give us countless options for sodas and other drinks, along with the other juices the dining hall already provides. It’s fun to use the machines and feel like you’re at a restaurant from your childhood.

Bullet hole fries

Now… this one is a bit controversial. I’ve had several friends question my taste for Bullet Hole French fries, but I’m a big fan of shoestring fries, so its no surprise I love the ones at Bullet. These skinny fries are perfectly crispy and satisfy my fast food French fry cravings!

Diverse servo menu

There are many delicious dishes that I’ve had at Servo that I’ve never even heard of before! The dining hall often serves food from all around the world that tastes amazing and often seems healthier. Some of my personal favorites are the chicken tinga taco bowl, beef bulgogi, and zesty pasta primavera with veggie chorizo.

unaffiliated food trucks

We have many food trucks that are not affiliated with the school that often set up on or near campus for us to buy from. Although we can’t use dining dollars or meal swipes at these places, it’s absolutely worth it for a different and tasty treat every once in a while. Some favorites are the Halal truck, CJ’s Takeout & Late Nite Bites, and Bantam Coffee Roasters.

servo thanksgiving

Servo Thanksgiving has to make the list! It’s a perfect way to wrap up going into the Thanksgiving season. This is a campus-wide fan favorite. Students love this tradition as it is a way to decompress and spend time with friends enjoying a homestyle cooked meal. I also think it’s really nice that our professors and other faculty participate in this and help make the whole thing possible for us!

Aynsley Lane

Gettysburg '26

Aynsley Lane is a part of the editing team for the Gettysburg Her Campus chapter. She is a new member this year. Aynsley is a sophomore this year at Gettysburg College, double majoring in Psychology and Sociology, with a minor in Neuroscience. She is the social chair of the Women's Club Rugby team, a member of the Bullets Marching band, Gettysburg Writing Association, APO service fraternity, and her class president! When she’s not doing homework, Aynsley can be found watching documentaries and YouTube, listening to music, and hanging out with friends.