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10 Last-Minute Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Gettysburg chapter.

We’ve all been there. Your finals are weighing down on you, the numbers for your bank account are running dangerously low, and all you can think about is the next assignment you have to turn in. By the time the semester’s over, and you can finally breathe again, you realize you completely forgot to get presents for a select few people. Don’t worry!

1. Candy

Okay, it’s kind of boring, but if you know their favorite kind(s) of candy, it can make the perfect gift. You could make a bouquet or a basket of all of the different types of their favorite candy, tie it up with a bow, and voila! They’ll have candy that will last them far past the end of the holiday season. And it’ll still be personal to an extent if you do know what their favorite candy is.

2. Games

Whether its card games, board games, or video games; almost everyone loves to play something. If you know what type of game they prefer, this gift goes a long way. Not only does it cater to a specific interest of theirs, but it also gives everyone something fun to do after they’ve opened it.

3. Notebooks

This is another one that sounds boring, but genuinely, notebooks can come in handy when you least expect it, and they have a variety of uses depending on the person. Notebooks can be used for regular journaling, bullet journaling, fiction or poetry writing, list-making, or just general organization! You could even look for some with covers a little bit more fun and specific to the person you’re getting it for.

4. Winter Gear

The holiday season may be over soon, but that doesn’t mean the end of the colder months. Especially for college students, the winter can be brutal when having to make longer walks. Think warm gloves, a matching hat, wool socks, and maybe even a scarf! There are ways to put thought into gifts that are a bit more simple. If you’re into crocheting or knitting, you could even consider making them yourself. Anyone living in colder states would appreciate nice winter gear.

5. Self-Care

Who doesn’t love a little something for their personal care? Bath bombs and salts, moisturizers, perfumes, and face masks are all great, simple options for gifts. You could even get a little something of everything and put it all together in the gift of a self-care night.

6. Water bottles and travel mugs

The older I get, the more grateful I am every time I can manage to snag one of these for free. Work days and classes are long, and it’s important to stay hydrated or caffeinated, depending on your mood. To me, travel mugs are never something that I think about buying. I just always find myself in need of a new one. If you find someone a nicely made one or one that they would personally like the look of, anything of this sort would make a great gift.

7. Candles

Some people are a bit more sensitive to things that are scented, so if that’s the case for whoever you’re gift-shopping for, you can just skip past this one. But for anyone else, candles are always a nice gesture. If you know any specific scents that they like, or maybe even just their favorite scents of the holiday season, you could easily find them a few nice candles, and maybe even pair them with some self-care gifts to make for the perfect relaxing night after a stressful few days.

8. Slippers

This seems like another gift that most people just wouldn’t think to buy themselves. As soon as they open this, though, they’re going to want to just slip them on and keep going about their day. They’re comfy, cozy, and perfect for the holiday season and the colder winter months, especially if you know someone who has hardwood floors.

9. Throw blankets

I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t appreciate a good throw blanket. If you’ve ever walked through a department store with someone and they’ve reached out to feel all of the different blankets as you walk by, trust me, they would love one as a gift. It can keep them warm while everyone else is opening presents, and it’ll look good thrown over their bed or their couch.

10. Lap Desk

For anyone with a laptop, this is incredibly useful. For college students specifically, a lap desk can come in handy for online work, writing down notes, or even just eating meals somewhere that’s not the dining hall. It’s a great, useful gift for people of all ages, and it’s yet another example of something that someone wouldn’t think to buy for themselves, but would really appreciate!

Hayley Cisney

Gettysburg '25

Hayley Cisney is a writer for Her Campus Gettysburg. She covers topics from pop culture phenomena to date ideas, and has covered her chapter's Tik Tok. Hayley is in her Junior year at Gettysburg College with in an Interdisciplinary Studies major in Political Thought and American Literature. She works as a Student Outreach Ambassador for Gettysburg's Office of Annual Giving, along with acting as a Peer Learning Associate for an upper-level English class. When she's not working, Hayley enjoys staying home with her family, reading books, and online shopping.