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10 Of the Best Obama Biden Memes

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Gettysburg chapter.

As we all know, Obama and Biden are about to be leaving the White House, and to celebrate the best bromance the American government has ever seen, here is a list of some of the best Obama Biden memes:


  1. This one that reminds us about how much Biden loves his ice cream:



2. This one that reminds us about how ridiculous the election was this year (I mean really, we debated the size of a candidate’s hands…)



3. This one that shows the love between them:



4. This one that will totally make you LOL:



5. This one that is just too pure:



6. This one that shows their fun side:



7. This one that further reminds you about Biden’s love for ice cream:



8. This one that brings Michelle into the bromance:



9. This one that shows how much they support each other:



10. This one that shows Biden’s sense of humor:



And finally, a reminder that we all deserve someone to look at us the same way that Biden looks at Obama:


My name is Erica Boucher and I am part of Gettysburg College Class of 2019. I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter (and am a total Ravenclaw). I'm the Profile Editor here at HerCampus Gettysburg along with a writer. I love the color blue, singing/dancing to music in my dorm room, and wearing funky socks.