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Yes, Cheating is Still Wrong—Even if Hollywood Doesn’t Think So

     When we turn on our favorite music, what seems to be the common theme with the song lyrics?

  • Love
  • Sex 
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol 
  • Confidence

     What else, you say? Yeah. Cheating. Artists can become millionaires by recording album after album about the same thing—cheating. You can probably name countless songs, from almost every genre, about cheating. Why is it that cheating is such popular theme? Why do we belt out songs about cheating, but when it happens in real life, we are upset? Obviously women and men cheat in relationships, but lately it seems like Hollywood has been glamorizing the idea of it. Are we just living in a time where being loyal in a relationship is rare? Well just to let you know, cheating is still wrong, even if Hollywood doesn’t think so. Let’s think about this…

     Some of our favorite celebrity couples have opened up about cheating. Cardi B and Offset, Beyonce and Jay Z, Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade, T.I and Tiny, Kevin and Eniko Hart, Khloe and Tristan, the list goes on. We, as fans, seem to be upset for a couple days when we find out about their infidelities and start to ask a bunch of questions that we want answered, pronto. But eventually we forget about it, right?


     We still blast Lemonade every day, we still laugh at Kevin Hart’s cheating jokes like it’s funny to cheat on your pregnant wife, we still watch Carrie Underwood key her cheating boyfriend’s car, and we still laugh along with Cardi B, even though she sent her bodyguards to beat up her husband’s multiple mistresses. Why is that? It seems to me that we are all hypocrites. We love Beyonce (and we will always stan the Queen, FYI) but we just seem to sweep cheating under the rug. It’s like there’s a different standard for celebrities with cheating!

     When your friend came to you crying about her no good boyfriend, you told her, “Kick him to the curb sis! You’re too good for him! Let’s just go partying so you can forget about him, blah,blah,blah.” But when Khloe Kardashian released a statement saying she’s gonna work it out with Tristan Thompson, for publicly cheating on her multiple times even as she’s pregnant with his child, might I add, her Twitter was blowing up with messages about how she’s such a “strong” woman. Hm… Is this implying that leaving a cheater makes you weak? This is such a confusing thought. Shouldn’t we be encouraging women to leave because… um, there’s this thing called morals and self respect?

     Honestly, I’m a little bit bothered by how our society deals with cheating from celebrities. I’m so tired of cheating scandals that aren’t REALLY scandals anymore. According to the Oxford Dictionary, scandal is defined as “an action or event regarded as morally and legally wrong and causing general public outrage”. Do these things ACTUALLY spark public outrage? It seems like it happens so often that we aren’t even surprised anymore.

     Celebrities have created a cheating phenomenon in music and movies. This phenomenon makes it normal for cheating to happen and doesn’t seem to punish the cheater for their actions. It’s just something else that happens in relationships. When we support artists who have morally wrong behaviors, it shows that we are okay with what they’re doing. Social media has created a platform for celebrities to only showcase the highlights of their relationship. Sure, their families are cute and we love liking their pictures. Are we going to hold them accountable, though? Will be keep calling these couples “goals”? We look at their pictures and just allow their cheating “scandals” to slip to the back of our minds. This is not real life works! Cheating is never right, and don’t ever think that it is.


Amanda Arnold

Georgia Southern '21

Amanda is a sophomore at Georgia Southern University. She was raised in Miami, FL for half of her life. She loves sports, trashy reality tv, The Office, Friends, dogs, fitness, and everything about Christmas. She is majoring in Journalism with a minor in Communications. If you don't see her writing, she's usually working out, napping, or trying to find the closest coffee shop to get a caramel macchiato. She is a loving mother to two dogs, Cupcake and Fendi. Follow her on Twitter @amandasade99
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