Why You Should Be Watching Black-ish

If you are not familiar with the television show, Black-ish, you should get with the program immediately. Not only is this show hysterically funny, it also touches on important topics and issues within the black, or African American, community. Starring Anthony Anderson and the beautiful Tracee Ellis Ross, the show follows an upper-middle class family, the Johnson’s and their five kids including a new born baby, battling typical mishaps and joys that any regular family encounters. Anderson, playing Andre, feels his kids are out of touch with their “blackness” and we get to watch him struggle in the most comical way to bring awareness to them.

For one, we have to applaud for there being a representation of a successful black family living well with great careers, Ross playing a doctor and Anderson being an advertising executive. This was a well needed break from the cliché black family seen on TV barely making it or living from paycheck to paycheck. No financial struggles here, or at least as of yet.

Tracee Ellis Ross’ character, Rainbow, is the epitome of black girl magic. A career in the medical field, a wife, a mother of five kids, a fashionista and she does it all well.

The show is unique in that no topic is off bounds. Police brutality, interracial dating, the ignorance surrounding the founding of America, racism and even the 2016 presidential election of Donald Trump are implemented in the series. This right here is so important. It allows those on the other end to see exactly how those being oppressed feel and what black people have to deal with. Educational, you might say, but eye-opening for sure. The show ultimately gives black people a voice, or at least in my opinion it does. Still having a diverse cast, the show makes sure to engage in controversial cultural issues.


Black-ish is a fun, family oriented show and I highly recommend it to everyone. I have to admit, at first I paid it no attention, thinking it would be boring, but it is the complete opposite. Take it from someone who hardly watches television. Give it a try and you will not regret it. You can follow the Johnson’s every Tuesday at 9 p.m. on ABC. If you want to catch up or cannot get enough, no worries if you have a Hulu account- every season is on there. Oh, and be prepared to laugh your a** off.