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Why College is like the Movies

Before you go to college, you’ll probably hear a lot of advice.

This advice will most likely shape your expectations for college but by the first day, you’ll realize a lot of it did not match the reality. You’ll realize some of the most useful advice you got was actually from the movies! I mean, you probably won’t be walking the sidewalks of your college with a Chihuahua in one hand and purse in the other like Elle Woods in “Legally Blonde.” Your experience might mirror balancing your book-bag on your back and carrying books in one hand while a coffee is in the other instead.

But hey – they are similar, right?


Fine I agree, one is not as glamorous as the other but there are other aspects of college that, just in my first week, have made me feel a little déjà vu, almost like I’ve seen the new experiences I’m facing on the big screen before.

The Social Network (2010)

“The Social Network,” showcases two young Harvard students as they try to develop their newest creation, Facebook. The students are surrounded by plenty of other young aspiring entrepreneurs like themselves and to stand out, they have to face some self-actualization. Being in college is a great time to reflect on yourself and think about the person you want to aspire to become, while also growing personally and intellectually.

The Internship (2013)

“The Internship”, focuses on two salesmen as they embark on a college-based internship at Google. Throughout the movie, the messages of teamwork and believing in yourself become clear. In college, teamwork will be essential whether it be in a group project or being willing to compromise with your roommates. Believing in yourself is also a necessity. Attending college is already a courageous step that will continue to take dedication so believing in yourself will give you the motivation to keep going. 

Monsters University (2013)

Despite being a beloved Disney animated movie, “Monsters University,” tackles an important aspect of college; roommates. Though Mike and Sully are best friends, the dynamics between roommates take many forms. Regardless of if you spend every second with your roommate or rarely see them at all, having a roommate can be an enjoyable experience with good communication and empathy.

Legally Blonde (2001)

With a high GPA, almost perfect LSAT score while also being the President of her sorority, Elle Woods is a college student movies are made about. However, like many students, Elle still faces some of the pressures of college and needed a good support system to help her during the tough moments. Staying grounded and motivated in college is important and a good support system will help you do that, whether it be your parents, a professor or yourself.

So now you see, college is just like the movies said. Except this time, you are the director! Imagine all you want to achieve and don’t forget to enjoy the moment you’re in. –and Action!


Jasmine Alexander

Georgia Southern '23

Georgia Southern University writer.
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