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Who Won Miss Georgia Southern University?

This past weekend Georgia Southern University hosted their 70th annual Miss Georgia Southern University pageant on February 3rd, 2018. For those that don’t know the search for the new Miss Georgia Southern University has been going on since early October 2017. The Georgia Southern University Programming Board is responsible for putting on such a great pageant full of amazing women. A total of nine wonderful ladies competed this weekend for the crown. The contestants included Anna Hodges, Niyira Ward, Allie Griffis, Allison Tribble, Kalli Harsha, Jasmyn Cornell, C.G. Stewart, Lelyn Stewart, and Stephanie Reville. These ladies brought amazing grace, talent, and elegance to the pageant this year. These women not only competed for the title and crown, but they competed for the opportunity to compete in the Miss Georgia pageant as well.

As we say goodbye to our former Miss GSU, Tori Murry, we welcome a fresh face on this campus. Unfortunately, only one of these beautiful women were crowned Miss Georgia Southern University. Despite every single one of these women displaying great talent and poise, Miss Lelyn Stewart was crowned the university’s 2018 Miss Georgia Southern University. Lelyn’s exquisite style, grace, and talent earned her a crown and a ticket to the Miss Georgia Pageant.Lelyn Stewart is from Swainsboro, Georgia and is currently a history major here at Georgia Southern. Lelyn can say that as a sophomore in college she was crowned Miss Georgia Southern University.

Lelyn is also a proud of member of her sorority, Alpha Delta Pi. For the pageant, Lelyn’s talent was one of a kind. Lelyn chose to do a terrific tap dance number to the late and popular song, I Can’t Get Next to You by the Temptations. Overall Lelyn was a phenomenal contestant in this pageant. I know the Georgia Southern University community wishes Lelyn the best of luck on her road to the Miss Georgia pageant. 

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