The Weekend of Great Competitions: Headliners, GT Step Show, & Sunday's Best

If you were unavailable from Friday the 10th- Sunday the 12th, you missed out on a weekend of fierce competitions and the most anticipated competition of the semester hosted by Alpha Phi Alpha: Gorilla Thrilla.    

On Friday the 10th Georgia Southern’s own Dyversion Dance Team featuring: BSA, was the host of the Headliners Talent Show.  These two organizations kicked off the weekend with an unforgettable talent show equipped with a DJ, special performances, and everyone’s favorite: cash prizes.  The contest had 3 teams and one singer and special performances by Alpha Phi Alpha and the Gamma Kappa Phi (GKPhi) step team from Dekalb County.  Ultimately, the competition was won by The What’s Next? Dance Company from Florida.

The weekend didn’t end there. On Saturday Gorilla Thrilla, the largest step show in the southeast, kept up the hype.  Although, the show featured more strolling and fillers than usual, there were really great performances from: the Xi Tau Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha, The University of Alabama Alpha’s of the Birmingham Campus, The Albany State Alpha’s, Dyversion, and a really great boy’s team consisting of high school students: the GKPhi. 

The latter, was a truly memorable team of young men, that gave an exhilarating performance receiving a huge standing ovation.  The Dyversion Dance Team also came out to give another great performance. Perhaps the most memorable part being when the men of the team did a vibrant and steamy dance to a clip of Ginuwine’s popular hit: So Anxious.  Watch a clip of the Dyversion guy's seductive dance below.


The show also featured a comedy show from popular Greek and MAP Advisor Omega Psi Phi’s: Christopher “Big Chris” Pugh.  Pugh, shed his words of wisdom amongst the audience and then left us all laughing with some light humor on Greek life stereotypes.  The winners of the competition were the Alpha’s from the University of Alabama. After parties were held at Midtown in Statesboro and at various apartment complexes.


And on the last day...

Unashamed College Campus Ministry, slowed it down Sunday bringing the campus back to the Lord after a weekend of sinning, with their Sunday’s Best Competition; featuring five talented singers using their vocal chords to praise the Lord, the winner of the show was Cimera Wilson the contest’s first performer. 

It was a very busy weekend for GSU, but the year is not over yet there is still much more in store.