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Collage of Valentine\'s day
Collage of Valentine\'s day
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Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Georgia Southern chapter.

I am a lover of love and always have been. My favorite time of the year is right around valentine’s day when the jewelry shops are filled, girls get their nails done just in case, where love fills the air, people wear pink and red, and I aim to be the cupid of my friends. Setting them up on dates and bringing them candy. 

Now I do not want to spoil my outfit for this Valentine’s day before I get to wear it. So, I will not be sharing the pink ruffled baby doll backless dress from Fashion Nova I will be wearing at some point during the week and will most likely be on Instagram if I ask my sweet caring boyfriend to take a photo (Oh how I wish I could put an emoji here. Did I just ask him to take a photo of me in a blog post he’s going to read because he cares about me? Oop I wish I could drop another emoji).

Today, I have made some quick picks for anyone struggling to find the perfect outfit for any occasion on the day that’s filled with love. PLEASE PRESS THE LINKS TO SEE THE OUTFITS. So, let’s begin:

1.    On-Campus Cupid

One of my favorite things to do is to actually try and look cute on valentine’s day if I have to step out of the house. Since this year (2020) Valentine’s day falls on a Friday what a perfect opportunity for myself to look cute for my 1 accounting class I will have at 9 a.m. Besides that, anyone who knows me knows that casual does not exist for me. 

The outfit I cam across is simply a cute turtleneck, a pair of plaid pants, a beret, and a pair of white sneakers to pull everything together. This outfit is perfect for the in-between weather as well as tuning into such a romantic day. 


2.    V-day Party

Who does not love a party? Valentine’s day on a Friday means some type of party is going down. Now you can throw a sexy twist and dress up some lingerie if that’s more your style but for this outfit, I’m going to keep with a simple dress.

The dress I came across was a nice silky satin short dress that anyone can love. It is simple but also sticks with the theme of Valentine’s day. Add a cute hair accessory, bag, makeup, or jewelry and the look completes itself. 


3.    Date Night

Ohhhhh it’s date night. With that special valentine. Let’s say you are going to the swankiest bar in town or down to Savannah for some fun. An off-the-shoulder dress is the way to go for this one. It is sexy, sophisticated, and comfortable if you are going to gain a food baby on this date. 


4.    Picnic Date

We all love those dream dates that we make up in our heads. This is one of those, 

 I am positive that I probably took an online quiz when I was 11 that told me that I should go on a picnic date… Have I? Not at all. I much more enjoy a pillow fort, Netflix, video games, and two bottles of wine date.

In all, the outfit I found that perfectly embodies what I would wear to my dream picnic date is something so girly and romantic. Hearts all over me with a cute little nude pump and instead of the bag… I want a wooden basket and maybe a cute pink bike for an Instagram photo. 


5.    Brunch Date  

Who doesn’t love brunch? This outfit works for both a date with the girls or a date with your significant other. I love the versatility of brunch attire. One day you might feel like the girl boss of a fortune five hundred company you are or like every other Sunday morning when you need a pick yourself out of bed because you had too much wine the night before and you just really want a mimosa, a few bags to spend, and some French toast. Therefore, there are two options for this.

Outfit 1 is the girl boss outfit. A cute blazer dress with a nice bag and a cute pair of heels. Outfit 2 is the one I am more likely to wear which is very similar to the on-campus cupid outfit. A crop top, plaid pants, a jacket, white sneakers, and let’s not forget about the shades. The shades are key to my morning-after routine. 


6.    Galentine’s Sleepover

Yes, no boo no problem. It is a night to spend with the girls drinking wine, doing face masks, spilling all the tea, and watching whatever y’all want to watch. Now I think we have all seen those cute photos of girlfriends wearing matching pajamas and have been a little jelly. I admit I want a Galentine’s night so bad.

I hope you all have a wonderful and magical Valentine’s Day.


Kiara Rosado

Georgia Southern '21

Kiara Rosado attends Georgia Southern University and is a Public Relations major from Lawrenceville, Georgia. She loves music, movies, makeup, fashion, and food. If you cannot find her on campus check the local coffee shop or the gym. Always dressed to her best and looking for inspiration on what to write next.
Jordan Wheeler

Georgia Southern '22

Jordan Wheeler is a Junior Pre-Law Philosophy major who attends Georgia Southern. Jordan loves writing, singing, and hanging out with friends.