Underground Exposure Artist Spotlight: Cwilltooill

The annual Underground Exposure event is back from Oct 18 through the 20th for its fourth year in a row and you better believe its going to be even bigger and better than last year. The event has covered major ground in just the past few years its been on the scene, creating a space for underground artist and brands to gain exposure around their college campus.

The creator, senior business management major, Jamie Larry wanted a space where people that  are working to build a name for themselves can have a place to showcase their talents. It’s not only limited to music artist and fashion brands, but anyone with a hustle.

This year, the Underground Exposure team is doing things a little different. For one, they’re partnering with your favorite HCGS cuties for promo on the event and artist! They’re also turning it into a three-day festival with an artistry showcase, fashion show, and brunch.

As a part of our partnership with Underground Exposure this year, we will be highlighting different artist and brands that are set to make an appearance throughout the weekend. I had the opportunity to interview with one of the artists that will be gracing the stage on Friday, CwilltooIll.

Photo courtesy of CwilltooIll

Born Christian Williams, Cwill is a recent graduate of Georgia Southern where he earned his degree in business management with minors in marketing, logistics, and audio production. He is a multifaceted talent that has been building his brand for about four years but recently started to take it more seriously within the past two years.

Cwill is a rapper, singer, engineer, actor, and is also in the process of learning how to play a few instruments. He doesn’t want to be categorized as one thing but rather an all-around entertainer.

After graduation from Georgia Southern last year he moved to San Antonio, Texas with his brother to begin pursuing his dreams more passionately. He believes the education he gained from Southern has helped him to market himself and eventually grow his brand as a whole. Just this past April he had the opportunity to open up for artist Trippie Redd with a crowd of over 5,000 people.

The underground Exposure event will be his first performance back at Southern in over a year and he plans on bringing a lot of energy to the stage.

“Aww man, I’m finna go crazy,” Cwill said. “Expect me to come in with a dope vibe and I’m gone bring everybody through being lit to picking they brains a little bit. They can just expect a very good show. A very intimate show,” he said.

Still riding the wave of his most recent project, “Free Game” released in August, he wants people to feel the same energy he puts into his music when performing. He says everything he talks about is a 100% authentic.

“I don’t talk about guns or nothing like that. I talk about what I know. I talk about women and the shit I been through in life, the things I can actually form an opinion on.”

If you’re interested in hearing more from CwilltooIll his projects are available on all music platforms.

                                                       IG and Twitter: @cwilltooill