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When it seems like you have so much work still left to do and your final exams are closer than you would like them to be, Thanksgiving break serves as a much needed break. Be thankful for Thanksgiving break, because here are a list of things you can accomplish over the week you have off:


Eat as much as you want!



In college, for most of us our source of food comes from the dining commons through our meal plans, or from a stash of ramen noodles in our dorm room. Either way, you pretty much know what you’re eating day in and day out. Thanksgiving break allows us the chance to experience the happiness that only a home cooked meal can bring you after eating frozen meals and ice cream all semester long. During the Thanksgiving holiday, try to eat a vegetable – or two! Or even all of the vegetables, while you can! Trust me, your ramen noodles will be waiting for you when you get back to your dorm after the break!


Stop by the “kid’s table”


When you’re away from home during College, it’s usually rare you get to see your family often and it’s even more rare that you get to see your younger cousins, neices, nephews, etc! Going back home for Thanksgiving gives you a chance to see your youngest family members and realize how fast they’re growing up right along with you! This thanksgiving, stop by the Kid’s Table and check in with your younger cousins. At least over there you won’t be asked about how college is going again – they might just ask you to sneak another piece of cake for them!


Watch the Thanksgivng Day Parade



There’s only one time of year you can see Spongebob and Olaf floating together harmoniously (or close enough) through New York City with super talented bands right behind them, so take advantage of this moment! I used to always look forward to the parade because it would give me another chance to see my favorite Disney artists (The Cheetah Girls, Jonas Brothers, etc) performing on TV. Today, the parade is still a great way to see which float you like best and pass the time while waiting for the food to be finished or for your family to arrive at the dinner.


(Try to) Do Some Work


Thanksgiving break gives us a week long chance to catch up on some work we’ve been holding off to do or even study for those final exams we know are coming as soon as the break is over. When you’re not with your family or going for seconds at the dinner table, use some free time you may have to try to complete some of the tasks you know you’ll have to do eventually. Your future self will thank you and you’ll avoid a lot of stress – but emphasis on the “try to” because when your smelling your favorite pecan pie coming out of the oven it can hard to think about your calculus homework at the moment.


See a Movie


This year, you and your whole family can take time to go watch Frozen 2, Arctic Dogs, Feast of the Seven Fishes or A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. These movies, which are all out on Thanksgiving day, can be seen and enjoyed by all ages of your family!


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Jordan Wheeler

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