Sugar Magnolia Bakery & Market


Sugar Magnolia Bakery and Market is located at 106-C Savannah Ave in downtown Statesboro. You can call in at (912) 764-2090 or order from Boro Takeout.

This quaint little shop has been referred to as a Statesboro local gem. They are prized for having the best service and great quality food. What’s the catch? There is none. The prices are fair, the atmosphere is homey, oh, and the food is home grown. 

On Saturday afternoons they have their burger night in which they serve grass-fed beef, homemade roasted fries, and some darn good slaw. They even host open mic nights for the Department of Writing and Linguistics on Thursdays. So if you ever want to pop in for some calming spoken word and a nice cup of Joe, I’d recommend this bakery. They also cater to live music if anyone is ever interested in getting their music heard. And if that’s not your style, you can always swing by for some of their incredible blueberry French toast. Even if you just want some pizza, they have that too. Homemade with garden fresh ingredients, it’s gotta be some of the best tasting pizza this side of Statesboro. Go "like" their page and join the weekly raffle for a free slice of pizza just to give it a try.