We live in the time of social media where hashtags, trends, and constant interaction between strangers is being taken place on various social media sites. Twitter has become one of the most favorite sites and there never seems to be a dull moment on it. Twitter is known for its “twitter wars” as some call them, and for its trends which happen to get all of Twitter communicating together at the same time. In the year of 2015, certain trends were #CNNBeLike, #AskRachel, #ThanksgivingClapBack, and #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat. Every single time, Twitter has always united people together and everyone had one big laugh.





It is 2016, but one thing that has not changed are the popular new trends on Twitter.


#ShootYourShot2k16 is one of those popular new trends going around right now. When you see this hashtag, just know love is in the air! Someone is hoping for the opportunity to shoot their shot with another person. These people “shoot their shots” in different ways such as “sliding in the DMs”, “subtweeting”, or giving out some hint to see if the other person they are plotting on feels the same.

It has been only two weeks since Christmas break ended and I have seen a lot of new couples together walking around Georgia Southern’s campus. Looks like there were a lot of successful shots thrown over the break. That being said, it is time to let go of the term “thirsty”! Everyone deserves a chance right? Feel free to keep shooting your shot. One is bound to go in!


Just remember...