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ShondaLand Deaths That Had Us Shook

If you’re reading this article, you are probably pretty familiar with the fact the Shonda Rhimes doesn’t mind messing with people’s emotions by leaving them heartbroken at the end of an episode. Given the past newest episode of Scandal, I’ve decided to revisit some of the deaths that had me shook. 

  1. George O’Malley. To me George was the baby of the first round of interns on Grey’s Anatomy. He probably made the most mistakes (personal and medical combined) and therefore had the most room to grow. I had so many imaginary plans for George to pursue, but alas Shonda had a different idea.

  1. Harrison Wright. I understand now that the actor that played Harrison Wright had some serious allegations against him in real life, but at the time I was hurt. Harrison was the glue that held OPA together. Nevertheless, I applaud Shonda for knowing how to handle an actor that allegedly abused his wife while keeping the honor of Harrison Wright intact.


  1. James Novak. Maybe some of disagree with me, but James Novak had that “gay best-friend” feel. We all felt as if we knew him. And he provided balance to his husband’s, Cyrus, monstrous ways.



  1. Wes Gibbons. Shonda plays entirely too much. While, the plot was advancing to figure out who was killed in the fire that burnt Annalise’s house, we were led to believe that Nate was dead and as wrong as this may sound. I was completely fine with that.  Poor Wes gone too soon.



  1. Derek Shepherd. Dr. McDreamy. I almost feel like not saying anything about this one because it hurt the most. Meredith and Derek have been on this emotional rollercoaster for several seasons. Right when Derek seems to be getting his priorities straight he gets hit by a truck after saving several lives, and leaves dark and twisty Meredith alone with three kids.



That leaves me with the last newest episode of scandal that ends in Huck laying in a pool of blood after being shot by the girl we ALL knew was the mole. She can’t kill Huck off the show. Right? Right?!

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