Self Care Sunday

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     Have you ever heard of Self Care Sunday, though? We all know that Sundays are usually a day to relax, catch up on a few things around the house, maybe get some work done, and prepare for the upcoming week. You know what Sundays are also for? That’s right—self care. Break out your face masks, wash your hair (don’t worry I won’t tell anyone how long it’s been since your last wash day), go to your favorite yoga class, paint your nails, and do whatever you need to do to put your best foot forward for this week! Garnier is here to give you a little bit of help with that! With their products being made from natural ingredients and breakthrough formulas, you know that your body will appreciate a bit of TLC. So this Sunday, keep these Garnier products in mind when you’re getting ready to self indulge.

     I personally LOVE the Micellar Cleansing Water! I use it when my face feels oily, which is usually when I come home after my classes, and right after I come home from the gym. This is my prerequisite for washing all of the sweat off. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and hydrated. A simple cotton ball or two should get the job done for your whole face. It’s quick, easy, and keeps my pores from being clogged. The micellar technology lifts the oil, dirt, sweat, and makeup right off of your face like a magnet. It won’t leave your skin feeling dry or irritated (trust me, I have very sensitive skin).

     Okay, so what should be next in your self care routine? At this point, you've probably got your Oldies playlist blasting, your booty shaking, your tea cooling in your favorite mug, and your dog looking at you like you're crazy. Are you at a loss for ideas? Well, you can sit down and finally crack open that book you've fallen behind on, or catch up on your favorite reality shows! That's the thing. Self Care Sundays are all about you! Nobody knows what will be best for you in this moment. You are ALLOWED to have one guiltless day a week of self indulgence! You are ALLOWED to completely unplug from technology and detox from social media and constant communication with others. A few hours without your phone will be more beneficial than you think. We spend so much time looking at others, comparing ourselves to others, and looking to others for guidance just because we're bored and used to doing it! Sometimes your mind just needs to detox from the outer world to focus on your own body and soul. I promise you your favorite celebrities, Instagram models, and travel bloggers will still be there after you set aside this time for yourself.

     So, you’ve used your cleansing water, maybe you’ve washed your face with your favorite foaming wash, what’s next? Get your hair ready for those early, rushed mornings and wash your hair now! You know you'll thank yourself later...The Garnier Fructis Hair Mask will repair your hair, make it stronger, and leave it soft and silky. As a WOC, I can honestly tell you that this product left my curls very easy to comb through and super shiny. I use it after I've washed my hair, but before I apply my leave in conditioner. You simply apply the mask, leave it on for about one minute, and then rinse it out. I found it easier to style and less high maintenance than usual after a wash. It didn’t feel greasy, and the avocado smell wasn’t overpowering at all! I would love to try the banana and coconut extracts as well. Working this product into your weekly routine will take your hair to the next level!

     I don’t know about everyone else, but after I wash my hair, my face feels a little bit gross and dry. I’m not sure if it’s because the products drip down unto my face and just sit there, or what, but my skin feels a little neglected after a hair wash. Now, the Garnier Skin Active Soothing Rosewater Facial Mist could come in handy! I love this stuff because it is very gentle, yet effective. Being made from 96% naturally derived ingredients and with a vegan formula, this spray can be used in a variety of ways. I use it as a moisturizer and makeup primer. Since my skin is very oily, I don’t like to use heavy creams and lotions for moisturizer. This mist is light and doesn’t leave my face feeling super tacky and the smell is very subtle. I know I wouldn’t want to walk around smelling like a rose garden all day! A couple spritzes of this product and a little face massage will make you feel like you just left an expensive spa.

     Now that you know about a few of the amazing products that Garnier has to offer, and have a few ideas on what you can do to make yourself the best version of you, go ahead and work them into your next #SelfCareSunday