PRSSA: Brand Yourself '15

When you're in college it is to no surprise that you will hear "networking is everything". Well here is your opportunity. Georgia Southern's chapter of Public Relations Student Society of America is hosting 1 of only 10 regional conferences this year. The conference is titled "brand Yourself: The Art of Reputation Management". Brand Yourself 2015 is aimed to provide communication students as well as other majors with opportunities to develop an understanding of why personal branding is so important coming out of college. 

During the conference, there will be a series of breakout sessions tailored to the needs and interest of the participants of the conference. The speakers are from a variety of places to give everyone a chance to see the perspectives of people from other places. 

If you did not take advantage of the early bird special you still have an opportunity to register at the door. Remember to dress professionally and make the best of all opportunities you can while in college.