Priorities; Where do Yours Lie?

Prioritizing is extremely important. I have learned this as I’ve progressed through my college career. I think sometimes it is important to remind yourself what your goals and objectives are. It is extremely easy to get caught up in the busy lifestyle that comes with college; which is why you need to prioritize. Whether it is your study time, time you take to eat, work out, or just relax it is important to know what comes first. College is so different from high school for the simple fact that there is more on your plate. Things can get hectic and your social life can get in the way so it’s important to stay on your toes. It is very easy for your social life to overflow into your academic life and throw you off of the balance that you need to be on, but you must remember that school comes first. You have to find it within yourself to have that motivation to get your school work done before going out. You have to take the initiative to say to yourself and your friends, ‘I know what I have to do before I can have fun’.

I find that when I am roaming around aimlessly I am not getting as much done as I could. It is very easy to forget about assignments if you are focusing on other things that are not as important. Considering that we do pay for these classes I think they should definitely come first. Regardless of what your friends are doing or what people tell you that you should be doing you know your goals better than anyone else. I know that I myself often get caught up in the lives and interest of others to the point where I am forgetting my own. Social Media is a factor for me that will definitely knock me out my head space. I may have planned to go to the gym right out of class and I find myself scrolling through Instagram for an hour. I like to detox from social media to clear my mind and focus on my priorities. I see a lot of people who get so caught up in social media and activities of their friends and they feel like they need to be involved. For instance; partying. I am also so guilty of this because when I see all my friends partying a posting snaps I instantly feel like I am missing out and I become distracted. Prioritizing is knowing that you have more important things to focus on other than going to a social event. Or maybe, going to a social event is crucial for the goals you’re trying to reach. It is all about what you need; adjust as you need.

So now that the semester is fresh, let's take it upon ourselves to prioritize. For you maybe that’s making sure you have all your work done before you do anything else. Maybe it is going to work, or simply making sure you make time to relax. Whatever it be, YOU know what YOU need. It does not matter what everyone else is doing or telling you. You have goals to reach and shit to handle. So get to it sis.

Peace and love always.