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In today’s society, we often come across the beautiful photoshopped pictures of our favorite celebrities. We are made to believe their hair is always in place, their makeup is “always on point”, their bodies are natural, and that they basically wake up looking “flawless”. If we are completely honest with ourselves, we know that the photoshopped pictures are not reality.


A couple of weeks ago, Beyonce’s un-photoshopped pictures were leaked which put many social media users in an uproar. Most were surprised that Beyonce could have a bad picture. Many people commented on her uneven skin, pimples, and other blemishes, but some Beyonce fans took up for her saying she was still beautiful. In my opinion, everyone has unflattering pictures and “off” days, so why are people surprised when celebrities have off days? Celebrities are just everyday people with a lot more money than the average person.


The way we can relate is by today’s social media. Most girls edit, photoshop, brighten, or enhance their pictures in some way. Most females are bashed for editing their pics that they post on social media while on the other hand celebrities are praised for their photoshopped pictures. Why is it okay for celebrities to photoshop their pictures, but everyday females are made fun of when they do it?


On the other hand, young females are praised for posting un-photoshopped pictures but celebrities are made fun of for their leaked un-photoshopped pictures. What type of society do we live in? Our society makes celebrities seem like they are not human, and it backfires by making young females think they have to photoshop their pictures to be beautiful.

To get rid of this issue, the media should put out unedited pictures of celebrities. We all need to realize celebrities are human beings and stop judging them for their imperfections. All humans have imperfections, but the media just helps out the celebrities more by using photoshop.


Photoshop is prominent in the celebrity community.






If celebrities want to spend million of dollars on having all their pictures photoshopped let them, but remember it is all an illusion. In the end, reality is reality and photoshop helps to keep that flawless image, but everyday females should feel beautiful in their own skin, and realize you do not need photoshop to be beautiful.



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Chelsea Davis

Georgia Southern

I am a junior majoring in Multimedia Journalism. My future goals are to attend The School of Law at Georgia State University, obtain a business administration law degree from there, and pursue my dreams of broadcasting/news reporting in the city of Atlanta. I enjoy watching movies, shopping, and trying new foods. I guess you could call me a typical girl. My hobbies consist of playing the piano for 15 years, playing the violin for eight years, modeling, and pageants. What can I say, I love being in the spotlight, but with my laid back personality you would never think that. I also have a passion for fashion and interior decorating. I absolutely love animals.
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