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In the toughest situations, it’s hard to not look around and think to yourself “It seems like everyone has their stuff together, but me. We’ve all been through that moment when everyone is shining and making moves and you over here still on your first move.


It’s all part of the process.


I was always told to never compare yourself to the next person because you don’t know the struggles that they are going through or the steps and time it took them to get to this moment.  You can’t compare a chapter one scenario to chapter 17. It just doesn’t work that way.

That’s when patience comes in. From experience, we have to be some of the most impatient people in the world. Why? Because we want everything to come at a fast pace, making it easier for us to get through all of our hard situations, but like everything else in this world, nothing comes easy.

What we need to realize is that when it’s our time, we will know that it’s our time. If we try to rush these things that we want in life, we end up feeling disappointed because it’s not 100% what we wanted and no one has time to go back and continue to wait on something because what we got was not all that great.

The time we are patient is the time we need to get prepared. We want to make sure that in that moment, everything is perfect and there are no setbacks or surprises. Everything will go as smooth as possible and we will be forever grateful that we waited for that time to arrive.

If you think about it, when you try to rush the timing and everything doesn’t work out, you go back and analyze the problems. Often time what we find out is the small things that could have made the difference were the reasons we had those issues in the first place. We rushed so much that we didn’t double, triple even quadruple check the situation to make sure that we are on point.  

This scenario applies to any everyday scenario. Whether if it’s you questioning whether you are going to meet that one special person or if you are ever going to get that job that everyone else seems to be getting. Either-way it goes, if it’s that important to you, then waiting a little longer for your time to come should not be such a horrible thing.


So be patient and prepare yourself. Your time is coming.

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