November for Seniors

It’s November and guess what guys, the semester is almost over. By now you’ve probably started to feel the stress. Finals are around the corner and it seems like everything is due at exactly the same time. You’re suddenly wondering where the semester and all that time you had went.

But fret not, Thanksgiving Break is right around the corner. It’s the breath of fresh air you need before diving back into studying for finals.

But let’s face it. The break can be a little stressful too. So the question becomes, stay at school by yourself, or go home to what may be a family fiasco.

I know everyone loves their families. I love mine. But we can all admit that our families can be a little much sometimes. There are the family gatherings and the arguments that you didn’t even know about because you were at school. Let’s not forget the lack of peace and quiet and personal space and that ever-looming question: ‘So what are you gonna do after you graduate?’

And after struggling through all of that, the break is over. And you’re right back at school. It’s not necessarily a win-win situation.

Not very comforting, but you know what? You’ll make it through. Why? Because you’ve been here before. Granted, the stakes weren’t as high then, but been there done that.

So tuck in, hang on, and watch some Netflix to help you through the really tough patches. Just not too much.