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Let me start by saying that relationships are definitely what you make it. They take time and effort to build and are worth all the work in the end, to me anyway. As long as you stay true, stay excited and fresh, they can be amazing. I think that, a lot of the times, we tend to overthink our relationships and it could be due to psychological issues, but, I believe, social media also has a pretty big influence.

Relationship goals ——- It seems to me like relationships have become more of a competition than anything else.  Everyone is shooting to be relationship goals instead of just worrying about maintaining their feelings between one another and keeping it authentic. It’s slick becoming this big shot show.  Everyone’s out here trying to one up everybody and that’s cool and all, but don’t get lost in the sauce man. The relationship is for you and your significant other, not everyone else. People rely too much of social media’s standards for a “good/healthy relationship”. How many times a day do you see some dude tweeting about how you have to buy your girl this and that to keep her happy or some girl giving you a run down of all the freaked out thing you have to do to keep your man into you? Everyday it seems like, right, and people are actually living by these tweets, faithfully. Like whatever you do in your relationship is the one and only answer for what is going to keep my relationship functioning. Relationships would have a better shot if people could stop fixating what they do in their relationship on what Twitter thinks and just listening to what your significant other is telling you. Be your own goals.

Keep your issues to yourself ——– One of the biggest problems I see is the publication of the downfalls or tough times in a relationship.. Whenever people get mad, they run straight to the internet to vent. I know that for some people, that may make you feel better but I promise you, the less you air out, the less outside interference you have. No one else should know that you and your boyfriend have been arguing for a week and you’re thinking about leaving him. You putting your problems out in the air is making it easier for someone to come along and make a bad situation worse. Having complications, that is something that you and your boo should discuss and work on in private. When you bring your personal issues to social media, you are opening the doors for outside, unneeded, opinions and simply, putting everyone in YOUR business. Keep your business to yourself and watch your relationships flourish.  

    Remember: Everything is not always what it seems. You should never envy anyone’s relationship/situation because you don’t always know what’s going on behind the scenes. Yes, they could very well be the cutest couple you’ve ever seen. You see them every holiday posting pictures of each other, tweeting sweet things, all the little cute stuff, but you have no clue of what’s not being shown. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. You have to make your situations best for you and yours. Do what you want, with who you want and forget what everyone else has to say about. Live for you. Do what makes you happy.



Jazzlyn Page

Georgia Southern '21

Sharing the things I think quietly with those that admire me
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