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No, for real, Just Chill.

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Georgia Southern chapter.

I should take a poll because who gets tired of going out? Like just raise your hand if you just want to stay in sometimes? Well, mentally raise your hand because of course I can’t actually see you. But hey, if you raised your hand, brownie points.

Back on topic, I am totally a grandma, to be completely honest i’m sure everyone in my little friend group is. I love to get dolled up and I love the process of “getting ready.” the selfies, bathroom pics, music, I love all that. Past that though…I can’t say I get to excited for to much of anything else. I mean, you know you always have to figure out who’s driving, where you’re actually going to go, if that move is poppin’ or not. Then once you finally get there, the everyone is just standing around. Literally standing  around on their phones in a room smaller than most classrooms jam packed. Most guys are complaining about girls not dancing, most girls are thinking the guys are lame,and both are thinking the music is lame. ORRR its completly the opposite and people are wasted stumbling all around you, there’s something’s mushy on the bottom of our shoe and you’re scared to touch it to get it off, and somehow yet again you found yourself babysitting your intoxicated friend. So my question is…why put yourself through that every weekend? Just stay in.

I know you’re probably like, “yeah right, and be bored?” and I feel that I do, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Instead of going out, you and the girls or your significant other can get together and plan something else fun to do.


  • Start a tv series together, it’s fun to talk about it later on when everyone starts really watching it on their own time. If you’re watching with your boo, then find one you’re both into and designate it to only be watched together.

  • Cook dinner together, each cooking a special dish that you know how to make, and if you can’t cook then learn together!

  • Actually do something outside of “party hopping” or “bar hopping.” this town may be small but deals present themselves. Thursday nights are College night at the Clubhouse, discounted bowling is available on those nights. Tuesday nights are half off movies all day at the movie theatre. Choose your time to go out for those days to help save money!

  • Do something different with your boo! Why go to a sweaty bar or party to stand there missing your bae and not dancing when you can be at home learning to salsa with your man? Youtube is a definitely a vital resource and an activity like that would be super memorable and fun!

  • Go to on campus events! People put a lot of effort into those events and they are super fun! It’s a great way to learn about new things and get good use from those students fees!

  • The holidays are approaching as well! GET FESTIVE! Carve pumpkins, do a cheap secret santa or white elephant, watch the movie marathons each month has, bake cookies.

  • Just talk to each other. Catch up on how the week has been, listen to your friends or significant other. You never know what truly might be going on with them and staying in could be really beneficial for them as well as you.

  • One of my favorites of course is TREAT YO SELF! Take a long hot shower and play some music, catch up on your favorite tv show you’ve been neglecting, do that DIY project you’ve been wanting to do, read that book you’ve been meaning to get too, SLEEEEPPPPP.

College can be stressful and with social media being at our fingertips A lot of times we feel like we’re missing out on what everyone else is doing. Remember that there will always be other parties and that it’s okay to just chill sometimes.


“Sometimes all you need is to break the routine and have some fun” -Unknown




Elena Yeargan

Georgia Southern '18

E. GATA. Senior Education Major. President of the Georgia Southern Chapter "Lead with integrity."-Unknown
Jordan Wheeler

Georgia Southern '22

Jordan Wheeler is a Junior Pre-Law Philosophy major who attends Georgia Southern. Jordan loves writing, singing, and hanging out with friends.