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Summertime is right around the corner! Finals are wrapping up, grad invites are going out, and laying out by the pool is about to be the new normal. Whether you plan on taking it easy this summer or putting in some major work, music makes everything better. Check out my top 5 songs for this summer.


“Summertime Magic” x Childish Gambino

                                                          Photo Credits: Wikipedia

Okay, so yes I know this song came out last summer but I honestly couldn’t help but to have it on repeat again. There’s waves crashing and layers of instruments that will set your mind right on the beaches of Hawaii. This song completely embodies its title because it will make you believe in summertime magic. Plus the one and only RiRi is the leading lady! How could you not love it?


“Talk” x Khalid

                                                          Photo Credits: Wikipedia

This is honestly the perfect song for those summertime romances. Khalid’s voice is so soulful and soothing it’s hard not to fall in love. The urban contemporary beat provides a perfect summer feel and is sure to become a favorite of yours. It’s also perfect those summer night drives.


“Out the Hood” x Gunna

                                                          Photo Credits: Youtube

Who doesn’t love them some Gunna at this point right? The man's ability to make a catchy hook and ride his beats all the way through is always a great vibe. This song is no different. If you’re getting ready for a night out this surely be somewhere on your playlist.


“Apple Berry Nana” x Eric Bellinger

                                                          Photo credits: The Hype Magazine

So, I’ve been a super fan of Eric Bellinger for quite some time even though he hasn’t really made it mainstream just yet. A song that you might be familiar with of his is his hit single “G.O.A.T.” featuring Wale. Seriously this guy doesn’t make a bad song! He’s written for dozens of your favorite artist and is really beginning to push his own music more. This song is yet another feel good song for us ladies. It’s a song praising the beauty of woman and the layers of harmonizing will absolutely make you fall in love. You’ll thank me later.


“Love Supreme” x Nao

                                                         Photo Credits:Hot New Hiphop

Yet another artist who hasn’t quite made there mark on the mainstream charts, but she’s certainly on her way. Her voice will honestly give you chills and her mix of contemporary soul is such a vibe. This song is more of an uptempo feel good tune that should definitely be in rotation. It’s about making mistakes and letting them go because it’s just a part of life and eventually we all grow from those things. It’s the perfect beach day song with your friends.


Akaria Stewart

Georgia Southern '19

Akaria Stewart
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