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Millennials and Mental Health: 10 ways to deal with S.A.D


From Anxiety disorder to schizophrenia, black people are not immune. Mental illness has no color.  Mental health in the black community is very important and should never be taken lightly. This time in your life may seem like the most stress you will ever encounter. We are in college striving to graduate or just starting our new career and the stress, anxiety, and depression (S.A.D) seems like more than ever before. We should fix these problems before they lead to mental health disasters. There is so much pride in the black community that we often are ashamed of our mental illnesses or what soon could be. We perceive our black men as weak just because they express their feelings. We call our black women “bitches” because they express their personalities. It appears we often forget that the mind is the temple of bodies and we have to take care of it the same way we make a point to take care of our natural hair, our designer clothes, and our fancy cars. It’s hard enough living as a black person in this country and, having your mental stability can definitely take a load off. If you feel like you need help here are 10 helpful tips to avoid mental illness:

  1. Eat well – I know it is hard to do this in college but, just try and eat 3 healthy meals a day with energy-boosting snacks

  2. Sleep – sure this isn’t ideal but if you skip out on some social events 8 hours of sleep is achievable

  3. Breath – take a minute or two to just breath – apps available via AppStore and GooglePlay

  4. Take A Break – take a break and go for a walk, do yoga, listen to music, meditate, just clear your head and relax.

  5. Positivity – do your best to think positive thoughts

  6. Triggers – learn what triggers your S.A.D – work, family, school, etc. – write down what is going on when you are S.A.D so that you can identify the continuous cause.

  7. Alcohol and Caffeine – drink more water and a lot less alcohol, sodas, and coffee

  8. Control10 – count to 10 slowly to gain control of yourself

  9. Environment – surround yourself with positive people and scenery

  10. Therapy – GET HELP, go talk to someone, a professional. It is okay. It is all confidential so don’t be ashamed.

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Nia Jean-Pierre

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I am an Atlanta native and I am very social once you get to know me. I am an Early-Childhood Education major at Georgia Southern University with a concentration in teaching grades 3-5 with intent of impacting their lives in the most positive way possible. I am often referred to as "not your average girl", I love to shop, hang out with my friends, and get my nails done, however I can play NBA2k on PlayStation all day as well. I thoroughly enjoy weekends at home watching Netflix and relaxing. I am a formal personal blogger with hopes of sharing my personal thoughts with the entire HerCampus community. "A lot of people resist transition and therefore never allow themselves to enjoy who they are. Embrace the change, no matter what it is; once you do, you can learn about the new world you're in and take advantage of it." - Nikki Giovanni
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