The Michael B. Jordan Craze

Can we take the time to appreciate this gorgeous man named Michael B. Jordan?

Believe me when I say everything I see him, my heart starts to pump even faster, my eyes are brighter and my smile is wider. Everything about this man is perfection.

First and foremost, just look at him. Isn’t he just so beautiful?

From his dreamy brown eyes that just take your breath away and look deep into your soul to his smile that just lights up a room and makes everyone else in the room (or wherever he is) smile alongside with him to his gorgeous brown skin, just a smooth as it can be and the fact this man looks amazing with or without facial hair is something that a lot of men cannot do.. And those LIPS!!! Lord have mercy. Just as full and luscious as they can be. Just perfect enough to be sealed with a kiss and have any woman fall in love with him.


First with clothes on: You cannot tell me this man does not look incredible with clothes on. Hehehehehe especially with a suit. LORD JESUS. That man can make a trash bag look amazing. When he is in a suit, t however, that’s what really has me drooling. He’s got the model type look to him and just looks so put together and that POSTURE!!!! Perfection to the T. He looks so mature and with a good guy exterior with a hint of bad boy in him. LOVE IT Now when he's in normal clothes, he looks so relaxed and chill. Calm, cool and collected, like BRUH this man can do it all

Now without clothes on: I know I am not the only one who drooled every time this man was working out in CREED. Those posters and pictures of him without his shirt on. Can we say OH MY LORD!!!! Even before that, his body just exudes excellence. Don’t you just love those Instagram post of him showing off his hard work? Those arms and abs. JUST so YUMMY


Now onto the way he speaks. Me personally, I love a man who can speak properly. Trust me when I can say a lot of people cannot do that. When he speaks about anything from upcoming movie project to food, the way he talks is just sexy in itself. I can listen to him speak about anything and I would just sit there and soak in every single syllable and fall in love all over again. 

Acting ability:

What makes this man sexy is his acting ability and the longevity of his career. The fact that he has been in the game for over a decade and him being only 30 says a lot. From commercial starts to lead roles in A-list television shows and movies and giving all of himself to powerful stories like Fruitvale station, what makes his acting career amazing is his ability to become his craft and go above and beyond the requirements. Some actors can only give you the bare minimum and with this career moving forward, he is constantly re-inventing himself which makes him flexible and marketable in Hollywood.

Lastly and probably my favorite, he just looks like an overall great person. He doesn’t try to be anything he not. He’s all about hard work, his craft and the company that he keeps around He presents himself as a person who funny, charming, sweet, lovable, mature, sophisticated, suave, manly, and all that and more. He also presents himself is about living life one day at a time and making the most out of what is in front of you.

The Michael B. Jordan Craze