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Meet Kalib Mathis AKA Risky

Underground Exposure has given many self-starters the opportunity to have a platform to showcase their talent and work. With such an amazing opportunity, we have been able to shed light on many great millennials like Kalib Mathis. Kalib, AKA Risky, is an entrepreneur, luxury barber, and the creator of the clothing brand “24Risk”. Risky started out cutting hair in his Cambridge apartment and would often share his ideas about starting an apparel line. Eventually he got tired of just talking and started putting some action behind his words. The company went through a few name changes such as “Risky Business” and “Risky Everything” but after putting logic behind the brand 24Risk was created.

24Risk represents the 24 hours you have in a day and how you leverage that over your goals. A lot of the times when starting your own business, you see people struggling to stay committed to their ideas or simply have trouble staying optimistic and motivated throughout the process. Kalib shared that the one thing that kept him focused and pushing forward was the chance to be the pilot of his own life and being able to take control of his own time. He read that if you don’t own any assets, you’ll never find financial success and has applied that knowledge to his lifestyle ever since. Sayings like “sign yourself”, “motivate yourself”, “A Rich Nobody” and “24Risk” were all extremely pivotal in keeping him and his team working and striving. Given the fact that he is only 25 years old, this self-discipline, motivation and vision are going to take him a long way in life. 


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