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Marsai Martin Is Killing The Game At Just 14 Years Old

Marsai Martin is a young and talented actress, singer, and executive producer. She made her first appearance on television at the age of five on a national commercial. Her career officially took off in 2014 when she landed the role of Diane Johnson in the ABC Comedy Series Black-ish created by Kenya Barris. Since then, she has made numerous appearances in films like Nina, An American Girl Story, and more, all of which lead to her worthy nominations for honorable awards like the NAACP Outstanding Performance award and BET YoungStars award. The best part about her achievements is that she didn’t stop there.

While most girls are planning slumber parties and gossiping about boys at 14, Masai is making history by being Hollywood’s youngest executive producer. Martin is expected to star in and contribute to the production of Little, a spin-off of Tom Hanks film Big. Marsai Martin is the mastermind who came up with the creative idea for the film, and she decided to tell Kenya Barris about it. He loved her idea and without any hesitation they decided to team up with Will Packer and James Lopez in order to develop this little girls big idea and put it on the big screen with Regina Hall and Marsai Martin as executive producers. This film has the potential to become the movie of the year, and the trailer has everyone shook. The film is set to be released April 12th. Watch the trailer here.

The impact Masai Martin is having on society changes the way an individual should be viewed. We are taught growing up that the differences we can make on the world are endless, but then we learn that for some reason society puts limits on the seemingly limitless possibilities that can be reached. Insignificant details like one’s age and race turn in to obstacles and challenges that make it twice as hard for an individual to achieve a goal or carry out any idea. By making sure the weight the world places on her with guidelines, stereotypes, and expectations doesn’t weigh her down, down, Marsai is redefining what it means to live limitlessly. We also can’t forget to mention the importance of representation and how her being a 14 year old executive producer opens up doors and breaks down barriers for the youth worldwide. There’s nothing more reassuring about achieving the “impossible” than seeing someone who looks like you do exactly that. I’m proud to say one of my role models is a 14 year old black girl by the name of Marsai.


Da'Jia Daniel

Georgia Southern '22

Da'Jia is a Public Health major at Georgia Southern University who believes in the power of voice. As a heavy activist, she believes in speaking up for whatever you are passionate about and having pride in doing just that. Her favorite activities include writing, playing the violin, and spending time with her friends and family. She values all the connections she makes throughout life, good and bad.
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