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I know I’m not the only one who feels freakishly victorious when I score a good quality item at a great price! As an admitted shopaholic… I have to say there’s no better feeling. But did you know you can get this same feeling year around? It’s called off-season shopping!


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What is Off-Season Shopping?

This means that whatever season we’re currently in, you buy the opposite kind of clothing. What happens is stores know that most people think in the moment. As soon as summer starts approaching then people want to shop for their summer looks. The same goes for Winter, Fall, and Spring.


But the best way to get more for your buck is to do the exact opposite. When seasons end, stores are desperate to get rid of all of last season’s merchandise and make room for the new. While, people are so focused on the new displays and merchandise the store has marked down all of the off-season clothing to dirt cheap prices.

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Why You Should Shop Off-Season

Other than the obvious of saving loads of money, shopping off-season is a great way to get ahead on new trends. Although it’s not heavily advertised during the winter months, a lot of online retailers will begin selling their summer items after Christmas. This gives you the advantage of knowing what new trends will be popular in the upcoming season and how to be on trend. Adding to your summer wardrobe at this time will allow you to have the newest fashions at a cheaper price.

Buying clothing items off-season also makes it feel as if you went shopping for a specific season twice. Think about it. When you’re buying summer items during the winter, you put them away not to be touched or looked until March or April rolls around. By the time you’re switching your wardrobe out for the changing season, you’ve pretty much forgotten what you purchased to begin with. As you pull out your bags and clothes still fresh with tags, it’s as if you’re getting that feeling of shopping all over again!  


How to Do it

  1. Do a closet clean out

It’s always helpful to clean out your closet after every season. I have the most trouble doing this because I love my clothes, okay!? But this way you can get rid of any extra clutter and make room for the new. Things are constantly going in and out of style and if you’re really honest with yourself, you know there are some things you just won’t be wearing again. If it helps make the process easier, consider selling those kinds of items. There are plenty of consignment shops and apps that are used for consignment sales.

  1. Make a List

After you’ve cleaned out your closet, make a shopping a list. Since you’ve gotten rid of all the extraness going in your closet, you can see clearly what’s missing and what you have plenty of. This will make your shopping trips go by a lot smoother and terminate a lot of frivolous shopping. It also helps you to stay focused which we all need when it comes to shopping.


  1. Plan a Day

When trying to shop smarter and save money, it always helps to have a plan. Obviously you can start looking for summer items when the temperature begins to drop and vice versa for winter items but having specific days in mind will only help you stretch your money that much further. For example, days like Black Friday and the day after Christmas you’re bound to find even cheaper and better deals on your off-season clothing. Retailers know that around this time especially, the average consumer isn’t even thinking past the holidays. Also, the first day of a new season is a great time to start shopping for those items of the previous season.  This is the time where all the sales are new and the clearance rack is still plenty full!



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Akaria Stewart
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