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How to Shine like a Diamond: Tricks to Get Flawless Skin

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Georgia Southern chapter.


      How would you act if I told you the secret to flawless skin is hidden within this article? Actually, it’s not even hidden. It’s in plain sight! 

     For years, I have been searching for the secret to skin like Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé. Right when I would think that I found the formula, I would soon realize that I was wrong. Today’s the day that you discover the secret to amazing skin.


     You might want to take out a notepad and a pen, because these tricks are going to change your facial routine for good. Get ready to shine like a diamond by following these tricks:


1.) Establish a Routine


The biggest problem I have with routines is the fact that it’s a routine. In other words, I can’t maintain a routine. I always seem to miss a day or manage to leave something out. The main trick to having flawless skin, is sticking to a routine. I’ve learned over the years that the easier routine to stick to is one that you create. You’re the only one who knows your schedule. By creating a routine based upon your schedule, you are able to stick to the routine with little to no problems.


2.) Every Products isn’t your Product


     I’ve always wanted to try the latest acne products or the most popular exfoliating facial scrub, but I realized the hard way that every product isn’t for me. The new charcoal face mask that work wonders for my best friend, left my face dry and cracked. In order to find that perfect product, you’re definitely going to have to do your research and be willing to spend a little money.


     One way I determine if a product is my product is by determining what I want the product to do. If I want a product that will get rid of my blemishes, then I don’t search for a product that will only make my skin feel smoother. Figuring out what you want will help make your product search a lot easier.


      Once you figure out the desired result you have in a product, you should begin your research process. There’s hundreds of moisturizer products, but only a handful will actually work on your skin type. When researching, look for the reviews that mentions the same problem you have. Narrowing down the products, will help you find the perfect product.


     It’s totally fine if you facial routine is a little pricey. I have super sensitive skin, so I’m always having to spend more money than my friends on facial products. As long as you are able to afford your facial routine and it does not hurt your budget, focusing on your ultimate goal will make every penny worth it.


3.) Water is Important 


     Growing up, I’ve always hated the taste of water. I needed something with flavor and not something that reminded me of the taste of cardboard. Once I decided to increase the amount of water in my diet, I started to notice that my skin began to clear up. If you have trouble eliminating soft drinks then you should try these tricks listed below.


     One way to start loving water is by the use of fruits. Whether it’s strawberries or oranges, putting them in your water will definitely help you increase your water intake. I usually just chop a couple of strawberries, oranges, and lemon and put a handful in my water bottle. Another way I incorporate fruit in my water is by freezing the fruit in an ice tray and putting the frozen fruit cubes in my water. 


     There are multiple ways in which you can enhance your water. Finding different ways to increase your water intake will definitely have a positive effect on your skin.


4.) Don’t Compare Yourself to Others


     I’m extremely guilty of comparing my skin to others. If I see someone with amazing skin, then I ultimately begin to criticize my skin. When on this journey to flawless skin, you have to learn to embrace and accept your skin. 


     If you see someone who has perfect skin, don’t feel bad about your skin. That person could have naturally amazing skin or they could’ve spent hundreds of dollars on facial products. Instead of comparing yourself to others, use them as inspiration.

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