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How to REALLY get through college

You work hard in high school. You get good grades, pick up extra-curricular activities, and do a little bit of community service to get into the right college just to start a similar cycle. You come into college your freshman year and you (AGAIN) study to make good grades, join different organizations, and service the community to add some spice to your resume.

You do all this in hopes of employment security and getting that dream job. However, with the steady increase in tuition rates and the recent recession a couple years back (and the possible future economic downfalls *cough* trump *cough cough*), you should be conscious about your decisions while in school to get a good return on investment on your college education.

All in all, as a college student it would be extremely beneficial to master the art of networking not just with potential employers, but with professors and students from all majors and staff. You never know where opportunities lie. Find your balance. Be like the college kids in the brochures.

    1. Consider Self-employment or freelance. With the rise of internet presence and platforms the socioeconomic world has shifted back to that “small town” or small business mentality. Social media has opened new paths to creating your own little business. Not only does that give you real life experience that you just can’t manifest in college, but it looks great to potential employers and can open a range of many opportunities.
    2. Make yourself marketable. I’m sure many people know that joining organizations can make you look better than the next guy. One way to one-up that well-known tip is to join groups that don’t pertain or aren’t necessarily related to your major.
    3. Be selfish. Many people say that college will be the best years of your life and they say this with good reason. While it can be competitive. There will probably never be a time where you have all this opportunity at your disposal. Take advantage of all of it. It’s yours to take; you paid for it.
    4. Ignore the last tip. Well not completely…it’s important to keep a selfless attitude. You can’t be all about receiving opportunities, advice, etc. Focus on creating symbiotic relationships.
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